Thursday, 1 November 2012

Hello November!


Glitter nails

I used the silver varnish first then layered with the BOO DISCO BALL glitter after

Since I can remember I have always worn nail varnish and been a huge lover of painted nail designs. I’ve only ever had false nails (acrylics) put on once- of which I can recall! But I'm not personally a fan, unless maybe if I was going on holiday and needed a strong shape to last! I could say the reason I don’t have them done is because of keeping my nail strength up, but then I would be lying. I can’t use that for an excuse as I wear nail varnish EVERYDAY without fail- so by now my nails are probably just as damaged as they would be if I were to wear falsies! But surprising, I have quite strong nails… the amount my nails are covered with varnish is insane; in the past 3 years I have probably only ever gone without nail varnish on once- just one single time!

I love painted nails and love finding new pretty colours to use! I really want to try a ‘dip dyed’ effect nail varnish that I spotted whilst online window shopping! Has anyone seen any nail varnishes that work with this style and that are recommendable? Would love to try this out!

Love Stacey xx


  1. Oooooo...I have colors similar to these! I'm gonna try this many for a wedding this weekend! Love your blog!
    Brittany's Secret

    1. Yeh it's such a good idea, you should defo try :) ah thank you! xx


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