Thursday, 22 November 2012

Motel Rocks Christmas Event

Floripa bar | The lovely gifts from MotelRocks
On Monday night I was lucky enough to be invited to the Motel Rocks Christmas party; #Motelxmas! When I received the email I literally couldn’t believe it and booked my ticket down to London from Southampton straight away! I'm happy ecstatic to say this was the first blogging event I have attended- and what a good one it was! (Thank you Motel).

I was so nervous going to my first ever event, I really didn’t have any idea what to expect and didn’t know any one that would be attending so you can imagine how worried I was, however I now know I had nothing at all to worry about… I met up with some lovely ladies before the event at the tube station Jess, Francesca and Amy who I had never met before but we all got along perfectly, we headed down to Floripa where the Motel event was being held, it was a lovely little bar which turned out to be the perfect, prettiest setting for the night where Motel would unveil their collection. Once inside we were welcomed with a room full of bloggers, it was such a good turnout. I met some really friendly, chatty girls throughout the evening, some who ended up spending a lot of the evening together, in the photo booth and sipping some free cocktails (probably too much). I spent a lot of the evening with some really lovely bloggers, to name a few; Jessie from Copper-Garden, Amy from Amy Valentine, Francesca from on-thebias and Kirsti from Silent Sweethearts.

Crazy fun in the Photo Booth!

The night was full of pampering, socialising and lots of cocktail drinking (on a Monday night, yes!). We were honoured to have myfacecosmetics, Eyelure and the brilliant Lee stafford at the event making everyone look beautiful! I couldn’t resist a pair of falsies especially when they’re being done professionally, I tend to struggle more than I succeed when applying eyelashes, but afterwards these ones really looked great, they made me feel so much better for the rest of the evening. The lovely girl from Eyelure was also great, she told me she felt more pressure at this event with all the bloggers than when she has previously applied eyelashes for contestants on x factor shows, but she didn’t fail to impress me with my eyelash application (I went for Eyelure Naturalites #101 evening wear £5.35 from ! I also had my hair styled by Lee Staffords hair stylist which turned out fantastic! My curls stayed in all night, more than what I can say for the curls I had left for the event with. I even woke up the next morning with a head full of bouncy curls, I was utterly amazed; this never happens for me! Lee Stafford curlers added to the Christmas list (check). I was also lucky enough to be given Lee Stafford Blinding Brunette shampoo and condition which I was extremely happy and really grateful for! I will be sampling this very soon (literally cannot wait)! 
Lee Stafford | Eyelure | Photo Booth fun with some lovely ladies!
I didn’t get to sample Myfacecosmetics on the night but I did see other bloggers that had the honour of having their makeup done, which ended up looking soooo lovely! We all received a Christmas present from motel at the end of the night which I was very much excited about, in my cute little black box I was lucky enough to receive beauty products from myface cosmetics, so I will get to sample them after all, perfect! A post will be coming up for that soon!

Party season dress | Gorgeous trousers | Leather, studs & more leather

Gift from Motel | Blinding Brunette Lee Stafford Shampoo/Conditioner | My lovely gift by Myfacecosmetics | Eyelure lashes

Preview of the party season collection by MotelRocks

Hair after Lee Stafford styling :)

The lovely textures and colours from the collection pieces

The motel Rocks Christmas collection was really amazing; as expected! They had so many cute pieces that I loved it was hard to get away from them. Their newest collection is full of beautiful velvets, crop tops, sequins, extremely detailed party dresses and beautifully printed trousers with similar tops to clash creatively. They added details of leather, studs and sequins to pieces to create the ultimate collection. One outfit I absolutely loved was a pair of black and white tartan print trousers with leather detailing down the seams, they were actually amazing in real life! There was also a long sleeved crop top that was a similar print that was just fantastic! All of the collection pieces were amazing and I can’t wait for them to be available online. My pictures don’t really do any of the collection any justice as I ended up having to use my phone which majorly failed on me… I-Phone flash is awful (just too much rushing around and not enough prep on my behalf) I will be looking for the images to appear online shortly so I can show you them much better in another blog post! I felt extremely lucky to be invited to the Motel Christmas event out of them all for my first ever blogging experience, all I can say is Motel have definitely set the bar high for any future events I will be attending! Just to say again thank you to all the girls at Motel for a very lovely, unforgettable and of course, fun evening!

Hope everyone enjoyed the night as much as I did!

Love Stacey

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  1. Great post lovely, the event looks fabulous and your hair is amazing!

    Eda ♥

    Candyfloss Curls, Cupcakes & Couture


  2. Wow it looks awesome there:) And thanks for your comment and following my blog:) I'm now also your follower:) Wish you a nice weekend and bye, NIKA

    1. It was really good there :) Thanks for the follow too! xxx

  3. I saw you across the room on Monday, I remember being totally amazed by your spiky bra-top! You looked gorgeous :)


    1. Ohh really, ah thank you lovely! It's so strange how you see people and then see them on their blog after! Haha, did you enjoy yourslef there? I thought it was amazing! xxx

  4. Love the haul!!! ♥
    Eylure lashes are the best!

    Followed you! :)
    The Misty Mom

    1. Thank you!

      I love Eyelure lashes, I wouldn't ever get anything different :)

      Thank you for the follow too xxx

  5. you looked like you enjoyed yourself, i love the eyelashes
    I'm a new follower to your blog, would you mind checking my blog out please?

    1. Ah thanks you for the follow, also follow your blog :) xx


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