Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Week In Pictures...

Last week I visited home for a few days as I needed to be in London for the Motel bloggers event anyway, so most of the pictures are from my weekend there, hadn’t been home for a month so I loved being there, as you can expect! I also added in some pictures from a night out with the girls last week!

Delivery from mum at Uni- Biscuits, a sure way to a student’s heart

My cheeky nephew’s 2nd birthday party

Making faces with my other cheeky nephew

Sampling my sister’s new glasses- loved them

When I found the Incredible Hulk

My love for where’s Wally, my new calendar (with stickers) from the boyf

Perfect winter night by the fire

Sampling face masks on the boyf

A very grumpy potato

Pre drink shots!

Pretty ladies

Night out in Southampton- Me and Dan
I had such a fun week last week being at home and going out with the girls! You wouldn't have thought I had a Uni deadline yesterday haha. What's everyone else been up to?
I would love to read some new blogs, leave a comment and follow on GFC so I can check yours out :)


  1. Your blogs lovely! I'm definitely a new follower" Do you think you could take a look at mine and perhaps follow back petal?
    Oh yea, almost forgot I've followed you on twitter - I'm Rachael_Haile xxxx

    1. Hey! Thanks for the follow on Twitter and GFC :) Will defo check out your blog and follow back!


  2. Cute pics.^^
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  3. Thank you so much for the follow.^^
    Follow you back on gfc and bloglovin #9.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  4. Stacey, hi! Looks like you had a looot of fun! Love the pictures!
    And thank you for you sweet coment! I'm following you too now! And I hope we'll stay in touch! I know I'll definitely be coming back for more posts :)

    xx Tatiana

    1. Hey! Thank you :) and thanks for the follow too!


  5. Lovely pictures!! It looks like a great week :D
    Your nephew is so cute! Xx

  6. Love ur blog. Currently reading ur previous posts!
    following u nw via GFC.
    U cn follow me bk at-

    1. Hey! Thanks for the follow, just browsing your blog now :D Also, just followed you back! xx

  7. Ah I love getting parcels form my mum at uni, they're always filled with delicious things I can't afford! Looks like you had a lovely week :) ox

    1. Yeh that's the same as me, I would never buy the stuff myself! Haha xx

  8. so lovely! cool post :D

    X Jenny

  9. omg short breads are my absolute favs!!

  10. How cute is your blog!?! Now I'm your newest follower! xx


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