Monday, 12 November 2012

OOTD - Pleats & Knits!

Hey everyone! After a very busy weekend I'm finally able to sit down a write a post! I really need to keep on top of them and have some prepared because I do really love blogging so far (if you follow me you’ll know I’m pretty new to it all) and I'm not going to let myself slack… but I have been finding I get so distracted looking through blogs and writing posts that I keep putting blogging before my university work (OOPS) what I'm doing at this exact moment- sketchbook work and marketing reports can wait… for now!? Anyway my outfit for the weekend was this, could say Halloween inspired look, even though that’s been and gone! I’ve been in love with this little pleated black skirt for a while now, I’d been debating whether or not to buy it ever since in came into the Topshop store near me but at a price tag of £48 I just couldn’t do it to myself! I then planned on getting it on my uniform discount when I worked at Topman at the end of summer but then there were sooooo many other cute little things I wanted and I had to think wisely about what I needed in comparison to what I wanted- a coat! And with a limit of only three items a coat had to be priority… so I picked up my army style coat (seen in previous outfit posts) and managed to grab that with a very lovely discount- oh the joys of working in retail!!! After leaving work and drooling over this very beautiful skirt I went back three weeks later and to my surprise, and only a few weeks later from the skirt first being in stock- it had hit the SALE! Of course I had to have it! This little beaut only ended up costing me £20- a total bargain from £48 and the skirt was still very much on trend and fitted with the Halloween inspired trends perfectly… you can imagine how grateful I am for the invention of sales! Ha.

This jumper is an item I’ve had for a while now… I think I purchased this around Christmas time last year! But it’s one of those cute jumpers that never really go out of fashion and can be worn year after year- with the right pieces, of course! But this wide neck knitted jumper goes with pretty much everything anyway! I always wear this jumper tucked into bottoms or a skirt because the hem is elasticised- which I really don’t like, but as long as that’s hidden I love wearing it. I paired the skirt with some tights- because of obvious weather conditions (it’s freezing outside) and some black frilly ankle socks- which you probably can’t see in the pictures and of course my spiked shoes, which I'm probably over wearing like I do with my Dr Martens… but they both are just lovely inventions of footwear that give every outfit that added edge (the love I have for good shoes)! I kept my accessories simple with this outfit and just wore my usual bands on my wrist and my watch that I wear day in day out! I added this pretty little high waist belt from Urbs to break up the look a bit- I managed to grab this in the sale for only £5 too! I love finding expensive items in the sale that I would never have usually bought at full price, but I also admit I hate rummaging through sales, it’s one of the worst things to do, I'm never that person who will be up bright and early for the boxing day sales for the latest bargains! I just wait for a bargain to find me (that’s probably why they never do) I usually only look through sales if the shops quite empty or if things are grouped together well- you say see from a distance what you want that way!

Jumper- Topshop | Belt- Urban Outfitters | Skirt- Topshop | Frilly socks- Primark | Shoes- Urban Outfitters

How does everyone else feel about sale shopping? Are there really that many bargains that are worth rummaging for?? I need some tips in the sale shopping/rummaging department!  



  1. This skirt is so nice, my best friend has the purple version and I'm so jealous of it! It looks really good with that belt too.

    I am a big sale fan, you can find some amazing things, but personally I just love the rummaging.


    1. Ah thank you :) I do really love this skirt... they have the purple one on sale online!

      Oo I really wish I loved rummaging! I would find so many more bargins but I just can't do it haha


  2. great outfit and nice blog

  3. love this jumper, gutted it's not in stock anymore! i also loved the topshop earrings in your other post - i've just had a helix piercing so mix & match earrings are perfect for me!
    new follower from me :)

    1. Hey! I know, it was quite cheap too- only about £25! They defo need to re-stock this :)

      Them earrings are really good for them sort of piercings- I'm desperate to get more piercings done

      & Thank you... just followed you too- lovely posts!!



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