Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Recent Goodies!

 Mesh Top |  MotelRocks £30
Outfit images coming soon!
This little piece would look great with a set of disco pants or high waist leathers! Teamed with a plum lipstick and boot heels! 

I picked up this FREEDOM set for just £6.50 from Topshop… I love miss-matched earrings now and then! I really want to get some random ear piercings so I can where some individual little studs but I never end up getting it done! My friend and I always talk about going to get some more piercings done on our ears but we never do! One day, soon!

Outfit post soon!
This dress is not online but here's one similar 
Zara dress
This dress is from Zara, and I absolutely love it! The dress is priced at only £29.99 and seeing as every girl needs a ‘Little Black Dress’ in their wardrobe, you really cannot go wrong with this pretty little number! The faux leather appliques just give the dress enough detail in the simplest way… it’s not too much, but just enough!

Rimmel Blusher | Pink Rose £3.99


Shoes | NEW LOOK £24.99
I was in desperate need to buy a pair of shoes just one day before my friend’s birthday party, I didn’t want to spend too much money and literally the only place I could think of going for a nice, not too pricy, simple pair of heels was New Look. I didn’t have too much hope when I first went in there but then I saw this pair and fell in love. They’re the perfect height and I love a pair of suede's!

Revlon | Colourburst £7.99
Review coming soon! 
I really love the colour plum lipstick, it is to die for! Such a great accessory to any outfit!

I will be reviewing this little beauty soon!
I had to have it after reading so many good reviews- I need to test this out myself to believe that it really is good! Well, we can’t all afford the Clarisonic so I'm in desperate need to find the next best (cheaper) thing! Help beauty bloggers! How good is this little brush?


  1. I love the Zara dress, such a bargain for that price too! I'm excited for the lipstick review too, it's a gorgeous colour.


    1. Thank you! I know, I was quite shocked at the price when I first picked it up too :)


  2. I love the zara dress and the motel rocks top, absolutely gorgeous!
    I couldn't help but notice you go to Southampton Solent University- I'm so determined to go there when I leave college but it's so far away from where I live haha it sounds amazing!


    1. Ohh really! What are you planning on studying at Solent?? It is quite far from where I live too, about 2 and a half hour drive but I wanted to go somewhere far for the full experience :) you should defo consider it :D



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