Thursday, 3 January 2013

Festive Catch Up!

Hey! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a very enjoyable New Year! I just can’t believe it’s all over already and were already into 2013! Talking of 2013, this is my first post of the New Year! How exciting… it’s more of a catch up post from my festive activities and what I got up to over the Christmas and New Year period. I spent most of my time around my massive hectic family, but they really are great… I have such a big family with 7 brothers and sister, 3 brother-in-laws, 2 sister-in-laws, 7 nephews and one niece! So yep, you could say my immediate family is quite big! Although there was only 9 of us round the table on Christmas day for dinner it was still busy and an overall really good day which consisted of me, my sister, her partner and my brother consuming a lot of alcohol and pouring a few Jaeger bombs! I was very lucky with presents this year and received a lovely Zara bag from my mum (which will feature in an outfit post soon!) some great makeup, lots of little bits that I needed, clothes and money from my parents! I also was spoilt from the boyf who bought me a beautiful pair of Schuh boot heels, a clutch bag and belt from Urban Outfitters, a lovely silk dressing gown and he surprised me with a beautiful Pandora ring which I absolutely love- I love surprises so I was soooo happy when I opened this for it to be a present that is just perfect!
My night before Christmas box from my Mum, filled with loads of little goodies!

The funniest moment of my Christmas day was when my 23 year old sister put on her onesie after dinner which my mum had bought for her, I had unwrapped the exact same one that morning and thought I’d surprise her so quickly put mine on and came down stairs where everyone stood laughing… 2 minutes later and to everyone’s surprise my mum then came bouncing down the stairs in the exact same onesie and the moment was just hilarious, everyone was laughing and jumping around shouting onesie, onesie, one the funniest moment of my Christmas for sure… maybe it was one of them ‘you had to be there moments’ but I loved it.

XXXXL boxers for a secret santa present!
My boyfriends new girlfriend (apparently)

The rest of my massive family then all got together a few days after Christmas to continue the celebrations where I then had my third Christmas dinner with now 19 of us round the dinner table- it’s safe to say it was pretty hectic that day! We all had our table presents which my mum thoughtfully bought for everyone and then after dinner had our table presents- my mum goes pretty much all out for Christmas! Then there was secret Santa! This ended up being hilarious with one of my family members buying my boyfriend a blow up doll and two pairs of XXXXL boxers! We couldn’t stop laughing! We both fitted into them too! We had a fun evening consisting of poker, charades, a family quiz and a memorable night of just laughter! My brother received two inflatable giant penis’ aimed for a game of ‘cock fighting’ for his joke secret Santa which went down well with the men who ended up having rounds at this game wearing inflatable penis’ trying to keep theirs on the longest! It was so funny! 

I hope everyone had just as much of a brilliant Christmas as I did! It really was lovely I just love spending time around my family especially as I have had chance to see them much the past three months because of being at Uni, so having time off for Christmas and being with them really was perfect! 


All comments are read and very much appreciated, so thank you!

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