Tuesday, 8 January 2013

OOTD: Floral Scent!

Top- Primark £2.50 | Skirt- H&M £12.99 | Belt- Urban Outfitters £5 (sale) | Tights- Topshop (old) | Boots- Dr.Martens £105

Rings- (right) Pandora (left) Forever 21 (pack of 4) | Bracelets- Various (incl. Pandora) | Watch- Aqua Master

Hello lovelies! Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to all my followers! I’ve recently reached 100 followers and I literally can’t even believe it, I’ve grown to love blogging and now knowing that other people are interested in the things I choose to blog about really does make me happy! Blogging has become a definite hobby of mine and I love that I can express what I'm interested in to others, whether it’s fashion and outfit posts, the odd beauty/nails post or just what I’ve been doing/interested in in general. When I started my blog a few months ago I wondered if I’d even get to 10 readers let alone reach 100 readers! So sincerely thank you! I’d love for any new followers to comment with your links so I can take a look at your blogs too!

Enough rambling and cheesiness from me? Today’s post is an outfit post! I have some exciting new gifts for Christmas which I can’t wait to feature in some up and coming posts! However, all will come in good time and for now you may have seen an outfit similar to this in a previous post, but changed up a tad now, I really like trying to make outfits using the same garments but changing a few aspects to make it different! This can be challenging sometimes. I added a pair of floral tights to this look to make it different and also teamed up my skater skirt with my Dr. Marten boots. I practically live in these boots and I really want a pair of the Dr. Marten shoes, but they come at such a price I need to save for a while… being a student doesn’t leave you with any benefits- trust me!!

I purchased this top from Primark men’s section, I was previously going to buy the Topshop version but saved myself roughly £10 buying the Primark version and then rolled up the sleeves myself and pressed them into place with the iron so they remained in place throughout the day; you could also sew them into place each side of the sleeve for a definite hold. As we all know, skater skirts practically go with everything and I will be purchasing a new velvet one soon too, this is an item I also live in. Saying that, I may need to extend my wardrobe a tad with my remainder of Christmas money before I wear out everything I own! Haha. The thing I mostly like about this outfit is the contrasting black and white colours throughout this look keeping the top half white and bottom black creating a monochrome effect. Monochrome is something that has been a popular trend throughout this winter and is sure to continue through to the spring of 2013! I would have loved to have a pair of monochrome tights to pair with this skirt and top but unfortunately I don’t own a pair. Something maybe to consider buying for the wardrobe for the Spring. 

Has anyone picked up any recent tips up for the monochrome trend or other trends that are sure to burst through our blogs in the coming months?


  1. can't believe what a bargain your belt was i love it :) I'm forever saving as a student haha and congrats on the followers lovely ox

    1. Urban Outfitters always have such good belts in the sale each time they have one!! I love it :) and thank you!! xx

  2. Love the simplicity of this outfit, it looks amazing on you! And i have major hair envy right now!xx


  3. hey, just letting you know, I've nominated you for a Liebster award :) xx


  4. Lovely outfit, amazingggg hair! x

  5. love this outfit, looks effortless and amazing


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