Saturday, 20 April 2013

Instagram catch up!

 Instgram pictures by Fashion Blogger Stacey Craig at Pretty Delictae Layers blog
OOTN- during my night out to Venue for bank holiday Sunday with friends (Lace polo neck and tube skirt from Topshop) | My favourite shoes everrrrrrr, Dr Marten love | My new air freshener my friend Sara gave me (it's the little things) | Taking a picture of my frizzy hair.
Thinking about the summer and booking a holiday | Outfit post (link) | Reminiscing of pictures of Ashley and me, the one on the right was New Years Eve 2011, it has gone too quick.
Night in with my iPad and chocolate (Easter has made me a fatty) | Yes, I'm showing off my Daniel Wellington watch haha | Having my hair done at the ‘Shoot me Fab’ event I attended | Delicious cupcakes from the ‘Shoot me Fab’ event, yum!

Ashley being silly, as per! Haha | Goody bag from the Shoot me Fab blogger event (amazing right!?) | Another picture of the goodies- I was a tad excited about them | The massive pack of cookies my mum had packed for me to go back to Uni with! 

I'm not sure how people feel about my Instagram catch ups but I enjoy posting them, I think they’re a more personal side to my blog- plus I like looking back at the pictures!! Haha

You can find my Instagram here (staceycraig)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you lovely, it's Daniel Wellington :) xx

  2. Love that watch and those shoes! Very nice photos. =]

    Kate from Clear the Way

  3. I won a goodie bag from shoot me fab too! I cant wait for it to come, looks exciting! xxx

    1. A did you! Well done lovely, there are some great bits in there, I'm sure you'll love it :) xx


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