Sunday, 26 May 2013

Intern Diaries! Part 2!

Jumper | NEXT (childs)
Leggings (wet look) | Topshop
Bag | Mulberry
Shoes | Dr Marten
Socks | Topshop
Nails | Barry M

I thought for my second intern post I would include my personal interview tips and from personal experience ways to successful get a placement. Before I started interning I really enjoyed reading blog posts on internships, I think they can be a good insight into what people get up to as an intern and how to successfully get a placement. Also, if you are nervous about starting an internship they can even give you the push you need to apply for internships.

How I got my internship:

As part of my third and final year of university that I will be starting this September we had the option to complete a project or take part in a work placement, for me a work placement was definitely what I would prefer to do. So I adjusted my CV and created a cover letter and started to look online at various online intern websites, I found that searching @ukfashionintern on Twitter was brilliant for finding intern vacancies and with a variety of fashion job roles advertised there was always internships that suited me, the only thing is I found many of them were to start within a couple of weeks, whereas I was looking to start in May, but applied in February. This is obviously brilliant for people who want to intern lots over the summer. I went onto the Creative Opportunities website and applied for various styling placements by email sending them over my CV and a personal cover letter designed to suit the company I was applying for, I think it’s important to adjust your cover letter to that specific company. I was then invited along for an interview with the company I am interning with now, which means I done something right in the interview to successful get my internship there? I find that when you are applying for internships if you are asked to come along for an interview on a specific date but you can’t do that date (were not all available everyday!), then the company just doesn’t get back to you! It’s really annoying but I guess some may have hundreds of applicants! For me I couldn’t so a specific date because I had a university deadline, but I explained via email and asked to arrange a different date but then never heard back from that company again after that, it really can be frustrating.

Interview tips:

When going along to an interview I think you should always take along a copy of your CV and possibly your cover letter, you may have already sent this to the company but chances are they would have only read this once when you first applied. Taking your CV along is a good starting point for interview conversation as your interviewer will be able to go through your CV with you picking out topics, for example if you have interned before that could be a good topic to talk through. I also think a good topic can be your personal blog (if you do blog) some people like to include this, some people don’t, I think it is just down to personal preference but I think if you’re applying for a fashion internship having a personal fashion/style/beauty blog can really make you stand out from other applicants and again is a good conversational topic- possibly something to consider.

Finally this could be pretty obvious, but I think the key is to be confident in interviews, research the company before you go along for your interview; you need to know what it is you have applied for. When you first meet your interviewer stand up to greet them, introduce yourself and shake hands, this proves your confidence and is better than just sitting down and saying hello. I’d also advise for you to prepare a question you could ask in your interview, most of the time they’ll ask you if you have any questions; so even if it’s something like, what will my intern role involve (it’s always good to find out what you’ll be doing) it sounds like you are interested and is probably better than saying you don’t have any questions- unless of course you actually don’t! I think you’ll know how an interview has gone once it’s over but while you are there just try to make a good impression and show your willingness to intern at that company. Good luck applying and interning if you are hoping to do so!


  1. i love these posts! i'm applying for internships at the moment and waiting on interview dates. Nervous!
    Definitely keep doing these they're so helpful.

    1. Ah thanks lovely :) good luck with yours xx

  2. I think these tips are actually pretty good. I've interned before and am now interning at a fashion magazine and these tips are precisely what I would recommend. A girl who went to an interview and was right after me was already there and she had made so many mistakes. She didn't know the magazine had a print issue, so she didn't bring it with her or even know anything about it. She forgot to bring her CV, which the editor did ask for during the interview and she was only researching the publication 10 minutes prior to the interview. I felt extremely prepared in comparison to her and that must have translated because I did get the placement and she didn't.

    xo Joana
    Grow In Fashion

    1. Really! It's so bad when someone doesn't know anything about the company, an interview is all about showing what you know :) well done for getting your placement though!!! xx

  3. such a pretty outfit, especially love your docs <3

  4. Great tips, and another great outfit :) I am starting an internship soon too (not a fashion one though!) Hope yours is going well!

  5. Great post! Love to hear about internships, will definitely be reading any more posts you put up about it! xx

  6. I love your shoes, i've been eyeing up a fake and cheaper pair on boohoo, shame on me, but i wish i could afford the originals! This was a great post and super helpful, thankyou! xxx

    1. There's no shame in getting a good copy of docs :) they are sooo expensive I don't blame you! Thank you lovely, glad it helps xx

  7. you look gorge, love this outfit!

  8. I came across your blog through your guest post for Sophie and I love it! :)
    This is a great post too as I'm starting to apply for internships too!
    I'm a new follower :)


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