Tuesday, 21 May 2013



 MAC PREP + PRIME- £19.50

I wanted to write a quick review on this MAC primer. I must admit this was the first and only ever primer I have purchased and used. I bought it around August time last year and I wasn’t really educated in the primer section of makeup, I had only recently heard of using a primer a few months before hand from reading blogs and didn’t really know how important it was.

I didn’t really intend to buy a primer when heading into MAC, also for the first time last year but I was convinced I needed something to help my makeup apply better and that would keep it in place all day. I must say I feel I was a little tricked into buying this after telling the lady at MAC I didn’t want anything on that involved a shimmer and when I was in the shop having my ‘makeover’ I didn’t notice any shimmer on my face UNTIL… (dun dun dun) I got the bottle home and the bottle was covered in glitter! I almost cried after spending £19.50 on this and was praying it wasn’t shimmery, I felt so naive purchasing it.

Anyway it was too late; I had already brought it home! I did consider eBaying it but never got round to it so I thought I may as well just start using it. I must say the only thing I dislike about the product is the shimmer- it’s definitely not for me so I wouldn’t be rushing out to purchase this again. The thing I do like about this MAC PREP + PRIME is that I have oily combination skin and I have found that it dramatically helped my makeup from sliding across my face in the daytime and takes away a lot of oiliness on the skin. It doesn’t last all day however, if I apply it in the morning I find it will last until early evening then I need a good touch up! 

This primer bottle is a 30ML and it has lasted me foreverrrrr, I purchased this last August, I use a small amount to cover my face every day and I'm still using the very same bottle today (that’s 9 months!!). I would say if you don’t mind a touch of shimmer then this MAC product could quite possibly be for you, but if, like me you have a pet hate for shine and shimmer I would avoid… my foundation does hide most of the shimmer but I just can’t stand having it on my face at all. 

Can anyone recommend a good primer, shimmer free, of courseee and that is perfect for oily combination skin? Would greatly appreciate :)


  1. I have this too & it really does last forever doesn't it! I got mine in September & it's still going strong ahha :) x

    1. I know, at one point I thought it was running out... another month later... haha

  2. I also have quite oily skin and I have found that Rimmel Fix and Perfect works great for me! It mattifies my face and makes my foundation hold better :) Plus its not too expensive, its been a while since Ive bought it but i think I got it on a 2 for £10 offer so it can't be too much to buy on its own :) x

    1. Oh really, may need to take a visit to boots and try this out, I defo need a new one before mine runs out! Thanks lovely!! xx

  3. Thats so naughty that it had shimmer in I would have literally cried, I hate anything shimmery/dewy on my skin it makes me look ill lol!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. I wanted to cry! Me too, shimmer is just NOT for me haha xx


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