Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A Perfect Little Jumpsuit!

Hey lovelies! If you saw my last post you would have seen my dress from Missi Clothing. Here’s another item from them, I thought I’d put the posts one after the other to show what they have to offer :)

Jumpsuit* | Missi
Shirt | Ebay £4
Belt | Vintage

This jumpsuit is another item I’ve grown to love! I decided to pair it with this little gem I found on eBay for just £4 with postage, marvellous! I don’t actually own anything else of this jumpsuit print in my wardrobe so this is just a perfect first piece to add, and it surprisingly goes well with quite a lot too, but I thought I would clash the print with this red check print, as us bloggers tend to do, haha! I also added my Topshop boot heels to the outfit, as my sister likes to call them plimsoll heels, a little awkward because its defiantly so true! I'm so glad I jumped on board the jumpsuit trend, they’re everywhere at the moment and this one definitely stands out more than others, it’s lovely!

Check out Missi for some pretty gems!


  1. Love your outfit! can't believe your shirt was only £4 - bargain !! Love the shoes too! xoxo

    1. I know, I was so excited when I was the winning bidder! Haha love a bit of eBay! x

  2. You look beautiful. I love the way you have dressed this jumpsuit - looks really fab with the contrast of the checkered shirt.
    Looks fab!


  3. Such a gorgey look! I definitely couldn't pull off that jumpsuit but it looks amazing on you, love your hair! I'm having a cult beauty giveaway if you fancy taking a look. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  4. The print on this jumpsuit looks amazing, definitely something i would have in my wardrobe! You make it look amazing, paired with the shoes aswell looks really good !

  5. Loved how you layered the jump suit! I did the smae but with a romper! :D haha But great outfit!!
    xx Janice

    Check out my new blogpost of my Autumn and Winter wishlist!

  6. I LOVE THIS. The two prints work so well together x

  7. I love them boots!! Could you please send me the link?x

  8. I love them boots!! Could you please send me the link?x

    1. They go with everything too :)

      They're not online anymore, they have these which are ever so similar!

      Hope that helps!!! xx

  9. you look amazing, I seriously love your style!

  10. This jumpsuit looks amazing - brave choice but you completely pull it off :)

    Claire from Stylingo xxx

  11. Love this! Especially with the shirt wrapped around your waist x


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