Thursday, 17 October 2013

Black On Black... On Black!

Hey lovelies! As you may have read in my previous post I'm back at Uni now, so I figured why not post an OOTN style post? I love the whole prep for a night out, even though it takes me and my house mates forever to get ready, it’s always fun and if you are a student you’ll know how much fun pre-drinks before any night out can be too! 

Top | ASOS £12
Jeans | TOPSHOP (sale)
Boots | TOPSHOP £40
Belt | H&M £6.99
Lipstick | MAC RUBY WOO

For this particular night you may have already guessed… but I was going for a kind of ‘all black everything’ look, well not entirely intentionally but it happened! I wanted to wear these off black jeans but couldn’t decide on a top to pair it with but luckily my friend was sending this little black number back to ASOS so instead I bought it off of her and wore it for this night out with the jeans. And I must say I am just in total love with this top, I’ve wanted an off the shoulder black long sleeved top for ages now but I just never got round to buying one, but this one is absolutely perfect! I decided to pair this look with my sacred black boots which I admittedly wear too much for blog posts! Haha, sorry!

I love being back at Uni at the minute, and even though I'm now in my scary third year it’s just great being around my friends and living in our new student house, which we actually hated when we first moved in but it has most definitely grown on us and has almost become, cute?! I’m thinking of doing a little bedroomy tour type post if anyone would be interested in that? I usually love looking at peoples bedroom inspirations on Instagram, it’s so much fun! But anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts :)

Also, I’ve recently noticed a lot of you have managed to find me on Bloglovin’ and have followed me… which I am just super, super grateful for! If you are one of those still not aware on my link I will attach it HERE for you! Thank you guys! xx


  1. I am in love with your boots!


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