Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fluffy Knits & Polka Dot Print!


Top | New Look £6
Jeans | Topshop £40
Cardigan | New Look £24.99
Belt | Urban Outfitters (sale)
Shoes | Dr. Martens £100
Bag | Mulberry

Hey guys! Little post today on a recent outfit of mine. I originally purchased this little New look crop top to take on holiday with me back in July for such a bargain price in the sales but since coming back from holiday I haven’t worn it at all. But, I decided to pair it with my Topshop Mom jeans just as a quick outfit and I found it worked quite well. The main reason I haven’t worn this more often is because I hate having my belly on show in crop tops (personal preference, I'm sure most people like it) but I found wearing high waist jeans with this top actually works perfectly for me and only shows a small section of my stomach so it’s not all out on show haha. You can’t really make out the jumper texture too clearly but it is one of the fluffy knit cardigans from New Look which is a must have this winter; trend wise! Everyone is wearing them and they have such cute versions in stores at the moment- Topshop have a cropped knitted jumper with short sleeves which is super cute or Primark have a cheaper version of this cardigan but in a jumper style which I also love and may need to purchase, even though for some reason I'm not really a huge Primark buyer, I think it is just down to things I have purchased previously that turned out to be a rubbish quality but I know that’s probably not the case for everything… but we shall see about this jumper whether or not I purchase it… you’ll probably see it in a post anyway if I do!! Haha. 

You may notice I'm not wearing a bold lipstick in this either, I'm pretty much always wearing a different shade of red, pink or plum lipstick in my posts but behold, I am still actually wearing lipstick, very deceiving I know! It’s a Bobbi Brown one in quite a neutral shade so nothing too dramatic there!

I’ve also started to use my Lookbook a lot more recently for posts, its hard starting out with something again after not using it for a period of time but I'm getting back into it, trying to get to grips with the Lookbook community- it’s a little scary with such amazing Lookbook’ers out there but it is such a good source of information on trends and styles, I just love it! If you are on Lookbook hopefully you’ll have a minute to check out my profile (here) or even share yours below in the comment section! I would love to see!

I'm excited to show you my next post where I will be wearing my brand new Ruby + Ed fur hat! It’s beautiful, keep a look out :)


  1. Loving this outfit! Comfy and cosy.
    Love the jeans with the DMs.


  2. gorgeous Stacey! You pull off Mom jeans perfectly - a bit jealous actually <3

    Charlie xx

    1. Oh I'm sure you would too! You defo have the legs for it!!! :) xx

  3. girlie, i seriously love your style!

  4. Looking completely gorgeous , love your hair make up and outfit! Xx

  5. Looking cute in polka dots, so jel of your hair!


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