Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Vintage Red Checked Shirt

Wet Look Leggings | Topshop £18
Shoes | Dr. Martens
Scrunchy (hair band) | Urban Outfitters

Hey! Just a quick post today, the weather has been awful lately which is making life hard to take outfit pictures… it’s so cold I just want to layer up each time I go out, which doesn’t always make me want to take any outfit pictures- oh the perks of being a fashion blogger! 

So, I was browsing eBay for VINTAGE CHECKED SHIRTS and among hundreds of checked shirts I found this cute red and white one. I bought it a couple of months ago now, just to wear when I went to V-festival but it’s so cosy I could live in it! It’s so perfect for this weather too because it’s quite thick and snug. I made sure I got a Medium (M) size on eBay so I could wear it oversized like in this post! Rolling up the sleeves made sure it didn’t look way too big on me, and I love the contrast of the sleeves rolled up anyway so it was perfect for me. I picked this up for just over £4 including delivery, total bargain! I find it can always be hit or miss when ordering vintage shirts on eBay or other items like this, you never really know what condition it will be in until you receive it but luckily for me this one was perfect, with all buttons intact! I decided to pair this with my leather leggings which I’ve had for years now, as you can probably tell, ha! It’s quite a casual laid back outfit but perfect for a day where I’m not doing much!


  1. I really love this look, the shirt is so nice! x

  2. Cute shirt and such a bargain too x

  3. Such an amazing shirt, I love oversized flannel shirts.


  4. Although vintage concert shirts are generally for collecting only, it can be pretty darn cool lto wear them out and about.
    Vintage Rock T Shirts


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