Friday, 20 December 2013

Bedroom Details!!

I've been promising a room detail post for a while now, but I have been so swarmed under with university work for the last three week! I'm the type to leave everything until the last minute (unfortunately for me) so I have been constantly stuck with my head in Uni work and had no time to blog... I've tried to get the odd posts up, but now I'm just so happy to be home for Christmas and to get into more of a blogging routine again! 

So even though I'm home now, I thought I would share my room with you! It's so important at university to make your room feel as cosy as possible just because you're far from home, student houses aren't the homeliest of places! When I moved into this house with a couple of my friends it was just so disgusting! But, now we all love our house and it just shows you can change a plain (not so pleasant looking) blank canvas into something much more (with a few roomly accessories)! The main things that transformed my room were, the pretty bunting (from The Range £4.99), my floral bed covers (again from The Range, around £25) and these cute Instagram prints! I will be putting up a separate post giving you all of the details for these soon! Excited, as I just love these! 


  1. How lovely.
    I completely agree, when you first move into a Uni room it generally is pretty disgusting and you do have to decorate a blank canvas.. however you've made youre room look ever so lovely and cosy!
    A very home from home place.
    I love it! I really need to check out the range everyone goes on about it.


  2. I love the polaroids and flowers, so pretty :)
    It definitely looks cosy!

  3. Ah wow your room is so cosy and lovely! My room at uni was/is so bland and uncosy, I've put fairy lights up now and photos so it's a bit better :)
    Amber xo


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