Thursday, 6 August 2015

How to Grow Your Eyelashes & get Cara Brows!



LiLash and LiBrow*

Firstly, I'm not sure there’s much of a written review needed for this… the before and after pictures show everything you need to know. I'm so pleased with the results from this product (I'm only wearing an everyday mascara in all of these photos; before and after shots).

If you’re not already buying LiLash and LiBrow, then here is my review on how I found using the products;

Starting out my complimentary
trial of the LiLash and LiBrow, I was certain I wouldn't see any effect, how can a serum really grow your lashes and brows THAT much?
For the first couple of weeks, I didn't see a change, but I didn't give up on using the serum (and how glad I am about that). I continued to follow the instructions using LiLash once a day in either the morning, a few minutes before applying my makeup, or in the evening after removing my makeup - the same with LiBrow.
Around 3-4 weeks later, my lashes had grown unbelievably and the result seemed to have come all of a sudden! I actually had noticeable lashes for the first time, without any mascara on. My eyebrows had also fulfilled slightly in this time too.
It wasn't until people started noticing my lashes that I knew this product had become my ultimate favourite! I was in work when a customer asked me if I was wearing false lashes (I wasn't), so you can imagine my reaction when she said that. This had been the first person to ever comment on my lashes, so I knew this was a result of using LILASH. The lady told me she had been using a different serum for the past few months and saw no result whatsoever, so of course I gave her the details of LiLash and my huge recommendation for the product. Since then, I’ve had so many comments on my natural lashes; it really does make you believe in a brand when people who don’t know you’re trialling a product comment on the results.


LiLash proved more of a benefit to me personally, as my brows have always been quite full anyway (this product does affect people differently). Overwhelming difference in stimulated growth on the targeted areas. One of the most rewarding products I have ever reviewed! Results started to show dramatically with me after 4 weeks of use. The brow serum proved to fulfill the start of my brows and arch, which it what I was hoping for.

Simple, sleek and effective style for a sophisticated look when it comes to beauty

One tube of each will last for roughly three months with everyday use, if buying the demi size. The original size will last for the 3 month trial period and a further 6 months of use for maintenance.

Although I received the demi size, I would personally recommend buying enough of the product to last for maintenance after the three month trial period, to maintain your long lashes or fuller brows (however the effectiveness varies on different people).


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  1. No way, those results are unreal!
    I have the most curliest eyelashes ever, which make it seem like I have none. I think I'll be looking into these products because I definitely need them haha!
    Mantenso xx
    She's AbouThat Life


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