Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I'm beginning to find my favourite type of pictures are infact street style pictures! I’ve been brain washed at university to take street style pictures all of the time! I have projects where we need to include a lot of primary research into our work, most of which ends up being street style; the easiest option! A recent project I have is on the brand Aquascutum so I found myself stopping an elderly woman asking if I could get a snap of her in her trench coat for some research (luckily she said yes!) It is something I have really come to enjoy doing! 

Urban Outfitters belt- Sale item £5
Levi shorts

These Levi shorts were a bargain find from a little vintage stool set up at V-festival this year! I was on my way over to watch Tom Jones when we came across this little stool/tent set up in a section of the festival we had no idea even existed on the first day, so I was extremely happy when I found these for a bargain £15; many stores are selling these for £30+ nowadays. I could have spent the whole day at this little stool but the heat was unbearable to be inside a tent trying on outfits, as much as I would have loved too! Are there any vintage places anyone would recommend checking out?


REINVENTING the white shirt

I really do love the idea of being able to reinvent my own clothing and this is such a popular trend at the moment what with being able to cut, stick and sew things onto garments (love cut up Levi’s). I feel like I never have the time to sit and recreate a garment but it is always a nice idea! I only have a few things I’ve managed to get my hands on to edge up by adding spikes and studs. This is the most recent reinvention I have managed to sit down and get stuck into. I found this old white shirt that I would never usually wear so thought I would add some studs to the piece.


I looked around online before diving in to get some inspirations of studded shirts and I wanted to focus particularly on the collar (obviously) so I looked at shapes and positioning of studs on collars etc. I decided to give it ago and I’ve discovered home DIY is actually very easy and fun and is definitely NOT a man’s job (Ha)! I ended up getting a bit too carried away and found myself looking for the next item to change, but for the time being I think I’ll leave the DIY to the professionals, before I have none of my original clothing left! I got these studs from a little market in Essex for only £1 a pack but they offer great deals on EBay


Monday, 29 October 2012

What's Witching...

1.Barry M; Green glitter- £2.99  // 2.River Island; Cross ring- £3 // 3.Topshop; Black- £12 // 4.Topshop; Hair bow- £12.50 // 5.Topshop; Strapless corset- £30 // 6.Barry M; Gold Mine- £2.99 // 7.Romwe; Metallic skirt- £33.50 // 8.Topshop; Spike collar- £18.50 // 9.Motelrocks; Sheer crop top- £30 // 10.Topshop; Wicked- £9 // 11. ASOS; Platform boots- £55 // 12.ASOS; Cat watch- £20 // 13.River Island; Embellished dress- £80. 

To start off the Halloween week and with only a few days to go I’ve put together a look book of all Halloween inspired looks. There are so many Halloween inspired trends out at the moment that it’s hard to keep up. I love the use of velvets, sheer and metallic’s to bring the trend alive and to really fit in this season. Some street trends that have been adopted pretty fast this season are TopshopsWitching HourMotelRocks ‘I put a spell on you’ and Urban OutfittersDance with the Dead’ all are very much Halloween inspired! I know it has always been said not to wear too much black and to add colour to your wardrobes but in this present day, you just can’t get enough black! This is why I just love this trend at the moment, anything goes and the more daring it is, the better. Get spooked and dress to impress! 

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Street Style...


Spikes are a big fashion trend at the moment so when I saw these beautiful spiked shoes I just had to have them! I don’t usually wear these trousers with black shoes but I think the outfit works really well with my black spiked shoes. I toughened up the look by adding in this chunky knit- this jumper was so cheap and it’s so soft and goes with so much! Definitely a good purchase!

Cropped trousers- Topshop

Jumper- H&M (£12.99!!!)

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