Monday, 3 December 2012

OOTD | Skater skirts & Bowler hats!

The past week at Uni I’ve been extremely busy and actually haven’t managed to blog too much. I’ve had 3 deadlines come around at once and all right before Christmas so it’s all a bit rush, rush, rush and of course me being a major last minute person anyway doesn’t help! Last week I handed in a management and marketing report, 51 pages and 12,000 words later! Yes, 12,000 I managed to get it in on time… one down, 2 to go…! For one of my other Uni projects, I had to set up and plan a photo shoot around a diversity issue to suit iD magazine! So I decided to wear this outfit on the day of shooting, something easy and comfortable to be prepared to do a lot of moving about in, what with moving the lights around and making sure everything was correct on my model… it ended up being quite fun and exciting, I have been planning each of the shots for a couple of weeks now so I knew exactly how I wanted it which made everything easier. 

After we finished shooting me and my friend Emily took advantage of the studio space and white backgrounds and decided to get in some quick blog photos- marvellous! I wanted to go for a very black and white look so matched this black skater skirt with this basic men’s t-shirt I picked up from Primark, I rolled the sleeves up and ironed them into position, added tights and my spiked shoes and was good to go!
Here's an image of me in action on the photoshoot- styling away!

T-shirt- Primark men’s £2.50 | Skirt- H&M £12.99 | Hat- EBay | Shoes- Urban Outfitters £55


  1. such a lovely, simple outfit, love the belt! and you're so pretty :) xx

  2. You are too cute, love this outfit!! and love the last "action pic" :)

  3. I nominated you the blog your heart out button!!! check my blog for the details love <3

  4. I love your blog!
    I nominated you, i really cant wait to see you do it c:

  5. You look so good in a bowler wish I could pull one off!

    Now following :)

    Just done my first ever outfit post on my blog and trying to get more followers if you would like to follow me back please :)
    Thanks ♡♡

  6. I love this outfit! Lovely blog :)
    Vicki x

  7. I need your hat! Hah, any chance you can link the buyer? Would be so helpful :)

  8. love the style, skater skirts are always my favourites:))

  9. You look lovely!

  10. Love this outfit! You look so pretty! I need to get a bowler hat!

    F xx


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