Friday, 29 March 2013

OOTD: Styled up Jeans

White shirt with jeans and heels
an outfit by fashion blogger, white shirt with rolled jeans and heels
Fashion image of blogger wearing jeans and heels trend
White shirt with denim jeans and black boot heels

Jeans - River Island (old)| Shirt- Topshop £28 | Necklace- Forever 21 £3.99 | Boots- Schuh £79.99 | Watch- Daniel Wellington | Socks- Topshop

Hey lovelies! I thought I would dig out something old for today’s post, so I found these old baggy jeans and tried to style them to look up to date in the fashion world! I actually ended up liking them again after wearing them with this outfit, I think rolling up a pair of jeans, adding some jewellery and pairing with a pair of heels can really make an old casual pair of jeans come to life. I think jeans work well with the boot heels or just heels in general. This would be a great outfit to wear for a day date or just a shopping/lunch trip with friends, it’s not too dressy but it looks like you’ve made an effort to wear something nicer than just jeans and converse haha!

I'm also wearing my new Daniel Wellington watch in this, I originally ordered this in January but had to send the first one back because of a scratch on the front (was not very happy)! But a month and a half laterrrrrr, I finally received my new watch and I loveeeeeeee it so much, I even ended up buying my boyfriend one for his birthday too, I think they’re amazing watches with a vintage feel to them.
I'm really loving the casual jean look with heels lately, what does everyone else think?

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

MAC Brush Cleanser- Review!

Hi everyone, I’ve been looking forward to doing today’s post because I really love this product, I think it’s a little gem! If you regularly read my blog you’ll know I'm more of a fashion focused blogger but I do like to add the occasional beauty or lifestyle post, it’s always nice to mix things up. I picked up this brush cleanser when I was in MAC last year, I was only after a bronzer at the time but this had caught my eye a while before and when the MAC beautician demonstrated this with the brushes she had used on me I knew I wanted to buy it and try for myself.

I think it’s really important to clean makeup brushes, I do wish I cleaned mine more often than I do but I never have the time, ideally you should clean them after every use, but realistically I’d never have time in the mornings! So I tend to do them once/twice a week using this and then clean them thoroughly every two/three weeks. 

How I use 
  • Apply to a cotton pad or tissue by just pouring over a few drops of this brush cleanser
  • Get your brush and using circular motions begin to clean off your dirty makeup- you can really see this working
  • Repeat the process with a clean piece of tissue/cotton pad until no more makeup comes off of your brush
+ This has lasted me for about 6 months and I’ve still got some left
+ Quick and easy way to clean brushes
+ You know when your brushes are clean because you won't see any more makeup on the tissue
+ Brushes dry within minutes after using this
+ Makes your brushes feel as good as new
+ Easy open cap
+ Disinfects and conditions brush fibres to make them last longer

- Have to use quite a bit of tissue/cotton pads because if you use the same piece for too long it starts to get all bitty
- With delicate brushes you can lose a few bristles

I really find this cleanser works and leaves brushes in great condition for the next use; makeup applies better once brushes are cleaned. I would definitely buy this again; it is such good value for money and last ages, I personally love it! 

Does anyone else use this product and find it amazing, quick and easy? Or have any other products like this they would recommend for brush cleaning?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Company Blog Awards!

Hey lovelies! I just wanted to take the chance to mention the Company Style Blogger Awards in association with New Look. They have set up a way in which bloggers can get noticed, for many different reasons including best photography and best style etc. My blog is less than a year old so I would love to be nominated for best newcomer blogger, this would be amazing. I know this is a lot to ask but I would love if you could just take a minute to nominate my little blog, my blog means a lot to me and has become a great hobby of mine.

I'm also going to be nominating a few blogs which I personally love and feel would deserve to be shortlisted too, every little helps right :) 

So if you do like reading my posts please enter me for this by clicking the company link here*!

And vote in the category of ‘Best Personal Style Newcomer Blog Award’.

This would literally mean the world to me and it would be amazing for me to get voted let alone make any kind of shortlists. I will love you forever.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

GFC confusion & bloglovin'

There has been a lot of confusion recently with the whole GFC button and if it will be staying or not, as far as I'm aware GFC will remain so I will most definitely continue to follow blogs by GFC, I do like signing into blogger and seeing a list of recent posts, it’s such an easy way to look at your favourite blogs and to see if they have any new posts up. So if you do still use GFC I would love for you to follow me on there.

For all of those who have stopped or will stop using GFC and are jumping over to bloglovin’, I also use this too. If you feel safer following me on there that’s absolutely fine, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I'm going to follow all my favourite blogs on both just so I know they’re definitely there (I like GFC so I’m not willing to give it up yet). I would hate to wake up and have no idea of the blogs I follow. 

I hope many people do remain on GFC otherwise it will give Google a reason to actually get rid of it. Let’s keep the usage of it up :)

If you do wish to follow me on bloglovin’ you can find my link here*

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