Monday, 19 May 2014

Competition time! Win over £300 of goods!


WIN !! 1 X Pebble Grey Mirror RRP £398 & 1 X Boots Voucher worth £50!

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Did you know, it has been found that British women keep their makeup up products for 6 years past its expiry date, incredible I know! 

To make women more aware of this, I was contacted by Pebble Grey, who are a bathroom mirror and cabinet specialist company. Pebble Grey are trying to make women realise that even though it can be painful to part with your favourite mascara or primer, out of date products can become a breeding ground for bacteria - not what you want to be rubbing into your face! In the image above are the products I'm chucking out after years of sitting in my make up bag!

To help solve the problem Pebble Grey and Pretty Delicate Layers will be allowing one lucky winner the chance to win a brand new and exclusive bathroom cabinet worth an astonishing £398! - but on the provision that they use this as a chance to part with their 5 year old bottle of moisturiser and crusty old lipstick - and spring clean their cosmetics!  We will also offer a (1x) £50 Boots voucher to help the lucky winner restock on all their favourites (courtesy of PebbleGrey)!

So what are you waiting for? Enter the competition now!

Show us your spring cleaned products too & #springcleanmymakeup

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Summer packing, booking and all the extras!

So, I will be heading off on my first holiday of the year tomorrow and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to post this. Todays post is all about summer holidays, where to book, what to take and how to protect yourself from the weather, as beautiful as it can be when we're topping up our tans! I'm heading to Benidorm, Spain... for a short sun break to celebrate my sisters hen party so I'm very excited, as you can imagine! I can't promise to get any style pictures while I'm there as I'll probably be either sunbathing, eating or drinking but will be posting some fashion related posts once I am home next week. The image above is my favourite pick of summer tankinis - the leaf print is a definite trend this season.
Packing for your Holiday
It's that time of year again when all thoughts turn to sunnier shores for our annual summer holidays. If like everyone else, you're dreaming of sun, sea, sand and maybe even a jug or two of sangria, you might want to start thinking about your holiday wardrobe too. You'll have seen all the spring and summer items creeping into the shops of late, brightening up the store with their bold patterns and cheerful colours. You may have even worn a few summery items yourself recently thanks to the great weather we had in March. But what should you pack for your holiday? Read on to find out.

You will of course need some great swimwear for topping up that tan and taking a dip in the pool or the sea. Whether you favour swimming costumes, bikinis or even tankinis, you're sure to find your perfect fit with a little shopping around. Bikinis are of course great if you're confident in your figure, swimming costumes provide support and figure shaping where you need it and tankinis give that little bit of extra coverage without having to wear a full swimming costume. Great if you prefer to cover up on the beach but still want to get a tan on your stomach when you're back in the privacy of your own balcony. Why not try a great value tankini from George this year? There is a great range of fashionable tankinis, including body sculpting ones and the latest tropical and animal print styles too. Best of all they're affordable, so you can treat yourself to more than one.

Pretty, light, floaty dresses are perfect for sunnier climes. If you have pins to die for, show them off in shorter styles. Think pretty camisole dresses, tunic style dresses (great for wearing over leggings or tights when the weather gets a little bit cooler back home) and daring bodycon dresses to show off perfectly toned figures. Maxi dresses are fantastic for anyone of any shape or size - perfect to cover up parts of you that you might not want on show and a style that just never seems to go out of fashion. Plus they're great to wear day or night. 

Cover Ups
Whether it's a pretty beach dress or kaftan for covering up during the day by the pool or on the beach, or a lightweight cardigan or shawl for taking the edge off any slightly cooler weather at night, cover ups are an essential part of any holiday wardrobe. You can even find kaftans pretty enough to take you from beach to bar in moments, so keep your eyes peeled for cover ups that can be worn time and again. 

Other great choices are T shirts and vests, shorts and capri pant style trousers. Remember to pack your accessories and sandals. Sunglasses and hats are a must to avoid the sun getting a little too much during the day and of course remember that suncream too! You don't need to over pack on holiday, just take into consideration the type of holiday you'll be having and pack accordingly. If you're unlikely to move from the beach all day you won't be needing many daytime clothes other than the above so one short shopping trip could see you packed and ready to go! 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014




I’m looking for fashion bloggers to review Third Floor Publication, once printed. You don’t necessarily have to have done something like this before but must have an eye for fashion and can give your review on the overall publication. This will include editorial photo shoots and features! We also have some important fashion bloggers who will be featured in this year’s publication that you can read all about. I’m hoping this will be a way to promote Third Floor and with your reviews, hopefully encourage people to go out and buy the issue. 

For a chance to review Third Floor and receive the publication before anyone else (for free I may add) then please comment with your email address and blog link below and follow me on Twitter here and Third Floor as a way of staying connected.  

Styling for Third Floor Publication


This is another sneak peek into one of the photo shoots I have styled for Third Floor publication. The concept looks at de-extinction and the process of reviving de-extinct species. I looked at this in the form of human revival. This would be an interesting insight into the future, imaging if it was possible to revive something that had previously died out. So, in this case scientists and professionals are researching ways to revive species like the woolly mammoth.

I was so pleased with this shoot and wanted to create an icy feel to the editorial, showing a story through the process of this scientific development. The model was perfect for the shoot and really portrayed the story well, with excellent bone structure and distinctive features. The final outcome of this shoot will be seen in an editorial piece within Third Floor publication, which goes into print next week! I’m so excited to show you the entire finished piece. Keep your eyes peeled for information on where this will be stocked over the coming weeks.



For my Final Major Project at University, I have been working on creating issue seven of Third Floor Publication. The above images are a sneak peek into one of the editorials I have styled recently. The theme delves into isolation, but more importantly focuses on the current issue of isolation through technology. We all know how often we walk along staring down at our phone screens and Instagramming or Tweeting, but this has become a growing problem for social interaction. We now live in a world where before you eat anything you have to take a picture of it, so you can share on social media. With trends developing from this such as the #nomakeupselfie campaign raising awareness for cancer, social media has proved to be beneficial, I'm not suggesting a world without it here, just bare with me. 

By becoming so reliant on technology, it has now moved towards a stage where people are isolating themselves from the outside world. By this, I don’t mean staying in your room staring at your phone and never leaving the house, that’s a different issue. But through the use of an excessive amount of social media use, we are missing key things and opportunities in life just from walking along the street being aware of what is happening around you. You never know, you could meet your future partner if you had just looked up from your mobile. 

I for one know, when I'm out with my friends for dinner we will all have our phones sitting on the table, with easy access ready to Tweet about our evening or Instgram that delicious looking chocolate fudge brownie desert! As fun as it can be interacting through social media and raking up your Instagram likes, this is actually ruining normal conversation – sure most of the evening consists of talking amongst each other, however you’re never fully engaged when starring down at your mobile, I'm one that’s guilty of this for sure! 

This photo shoot looks at how society are becoming more aware of this ever growing issue and are now trying to change the way they use technology. I was out for lunch with my partner last week when I noticed us both starring down at our phone screens, what must we have looked like to the family across from us? I then suggested us both putting our phones in the middle of the table and the first person to reach for their phone then has to pay the bill, this worked for all of around twenty minutes when my partner picked up his phone to check the football scores! So, even when the problem is made aware of, why is using technology so hard to resist? I personally really want to stop looking down so much and start engaging more!

So, what would happen if next time you left the house you left your mobile indoors?


Third Floor will be welcoming issue seven with a launch event not to be missed! We are expecting this event to promote Third Floor publication amongst the fashion industry as a recognisable coffee table book. The publication boasts strong editorial content throughout and has come together amazingly this year.

This event will welcome industry professionals, press and bloggers! The event will be taking place in London but at the moment all details exclusive to invite only. However, I would love to add some of you to our blogger list to come along! You will see the publication firsthand in print, before this is sold in stores across London and online, meaning you will be first to see the striking editorial content. The publication has been successful in featuring known professionals such as Denise Brown and Lucy McRae.

This year we have also featured known fashion bloggers – but I do not want to give away too much just yet!

Please comment below with your email address and your blog link to be added to our blogger invite list; I would love to see some of you there. You can also stay in contact through Twitter @staceycraig_1 and @3rd_Floor_ for regular updates and for more information on this event!

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