Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Sleep in Rollers Review!

Hey lovelies, hope everyone’s well? I got these rollers as a birthday present from my brother in January but haven’t posted about them until now because I wanted to get a better after picture of my hair. I’ve only ever used these properly (full head) twice as they are a bit time consuming, but I use 2 or 4 every time I'm going for a night out just to curl the front of my hair. I do find these pretty pink things come in useful; I put them in a few hours before going out to get added volume and curl. I've decided to do a REVIEW of these SLEEP-IN ROLLERS for any of you thinking of purchasing :)
SLEEP ROLLERS IN! This picture was before bed.
This was the result the next MORNING! Still pretty perfect after a nights sleep, right?
The final result, all curled up with added volume!
Final result from Sleep in Rollers!!!

  • Section your hair into three parts, equal side sections and then one section through the centre
  • Begin with the middle section, I start with the front and take about a 2cm width section and begin to curl around the roller from the end upwards to the root, there’s then a gap between the roller and cover/velcro to slot in your grip/clip.
  • Continue this for the whole front section going from front to back, each 2/3 cm width around the roller- you should get about 4 rollers filling this part
  • Then do the exact same with both side parted sections from top to bottom of the parted sections, and again for the back of the hair, this bit can get a bit difficult so usually I just curl the back with curlers
  • Leave curlers in overnight, or throughout the day (minimum of 4 hours I’d say)
  • Remove grips and rollers starting from the bottom/underneath of the head working your way upwards- when removing twist curl around your finger to fall into place, add some hairspray!!
+ These curlers give you loads of volume in your hair, if you’re someone who finds it hard to add volume to flat hair then these would be great for you
+ Curls stay in place for longer
+ After wearing these in bed and tossing and turning they stay in perfect place, they practically look as neat when you wake up as they do when you put them; I was very surprised!
+ Kirby grips/clips slide in perfectly between the rollers to hold your hair firmly in place around the roller
+ These Velcro rollers are soft and squidgy which helps with comfort
+ Sleep in Rollers offer free delivery when you spend £17.95 (I love free delivery)

- These can be a bit of a nightmare to sleep in, however since as long as I can remember my sister has always told me pain is beauty- definitely in this case. I didn’t find it unbearable to sleep with these in (like some reviews I’ve read have said) but I did wake a few times in the night with discomfort but fell back to sleep straight away
- My neck was a bit achy in the morning, but noting I couldn’t handle. Pain is beauty!!
- These are quite pricey, I think you can pick up similar curlers from somewhere like boots for a cheaper price

Top Tips
  • Add a bit of mousse to your hair before hand; this keep curls in place longer
  • Hairspray rolled hair while rollers are still in to keep shape stronger
  • Roll the rollers from end to root of hair tightly
  • If you want curled hair for a night out I would advise putting these in early in the morning, then letting them set throughout the day rather than sleeping with them in
  • If you do sleep with them in, position a pillow under your neck to fill the gap where there aren’t any curlers otherwise it’s like your neck hasn’t got anything to rest on (if that makes sense)
  • Go over any messy/wavy curls with hot hair curlers after you’ve taken your rollers out
  • Use a good strong hairspray on finished curls!!!


 Hope this helps if you're deciding on purchasing some of these (you can buy Sleep in Rollers here)
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  1. I've been wanting some of these for ages, the results look good so i might have to give these a try! xx

    1. I wanted mine for ages too! I just had to get them :) xx

  2. I hateeee sleeping in rollers, it's so uncomfortable. I roller set my wet hair and dry it weekly. This looks awesome to preserve styles!

    -Trina | bloglovin

  3. They sound really good, I've never tried sleeping in rollers xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. I do love them, sleeping can be uncomfortable but I think it depends on how much of a deep sleeper you are, I hardly wake up anyway aha :) xx

  4. I have these & my hair always looks a bit 50's housewife when I take them out so definitely going to try your method! x

    1. Oh really! Yeh I'd say curl them after then :) hopefully it will work for you xx

  5. The result looks lovely! I've heard a lot about these! xx

    1. Ah thanks! I know I did too, just had to get some :) xx

  6. wow your hair looks lovely! I'm not sure if I'd be able to sleep in these but I think I'll definitely have to buy some and give it a try :)

    Thanks for sending me your link from the bloggers chat - following you!

    1. Awh thanks lovely! If you can't sleep in them they work good wearing them in the daytime too :)

      Thanks for following xx

  7. I think I prefer using rollers to curling tongs - it's more healthy for your hair too!
    Great results :)
    Saadiya x

    1. Yeh definitely! I hate using heat on my hair but I just do it so much anyways, I'm trying to use rollers more xx

  8. Did you start with wet, dry, or damp hair?

  9. It's really beautiful,
    I like that,.
    curly hair

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