Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Vintage Red Checked Shirt

Wet Look Leggings | Topshop £18
Shoes | Dr. Martens
Scrunchy (hair band) | Urban Outfitters

Hey! Just a quick post today, the weather has been awful lately which is making life hard to take outfit pictures… it’s so cold I just want to layer up each time I go out, which doesn’t always make me want to take any outfit pictures- oh the perks of being a fashion blogger! 

So, I was browsing eBay for VINTAGE CHECKED SHIRTS and among hundreds of checked shirts I found this cute red and white one. I bought it a couple of months ago now, just to wear when I went to V-festival but it’s so cosy I could live in it! It’s so perfect for this weather too because it’s quite thick and snug. I made sure I got a Medium (M) size on eBay so I could wear it oversized like in this post! Rolling up the sleeves made sure it didn’t look way too big on me, and I love the contrast of the sleeves rolled up anyway so it was perfect for me. I picked this up for just over £4 including delivery, total bargain! I find it can always be hit or miss when ordering vintage shirts on eBay or other items like this, you never really know what condition it will be in until you receive it but luckily for me this one was perfect, with all buttons intact! I decided to pair this with my leather leggings which I’ve had for years now, as you can probably tell, ha! It’s quite a casual laid back outfit but perfect for a day where I’m not doing much!

Friday, 25 October 2013

OOTD: Faux Fur Fashion!


Faux fur Cossack* | Ruby+Ed £35
Top | Topshop £12
Jacket | Thrifted £2
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | Topshop £40
Belt |Urban Outfitters (sale)

I think I'm in love? This little Ruby + Ed wolf faux fur hat from has just completely made my winter wardrobe! It’s beautiful isn’t it!? I couldn’t wait to do a post featuring this cute cosy hat and what perfect weather to do it in, it’s one of those sunny but freezing cold days where the temperature just doesn’t match the sky! I have been so eager to get this wolf Cossack fur hat on and take some blog pictures but I thought I would save it until today, so ta-da. What do we all think so far? This fur hat is one of those items I lust over every winter but I can never ever find one that firstly, suits me! And secondly, one that is of such a good quality that I don’t look like I’ve stuck a cat on my head, this particular Cossack hat has a tonal silk lining and fits perfectly. Personally, I think with these types of hats there’s a fine line between tacky and classy- I think this one is just perfect, and defiantly on the classy side! It’s definitely worth paying that little bit extra for a hat of perfectly good quality. Wearing this made me feel very dressed up, it really brightens up any outfit; I promise! The faux fur is definitely a trend that will be snapped up this winter along with the faux leather, prepare to see it everywhere! I can already tell this is one of those items that will stick with me forever… lucky for you guys, haha. 

My other favourite piece of this outfit is my vintage jacket; I managed to get this for a massive bargain at a little market around the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, if anyone has ever been? I bought this for just £2 and even though it has no lining I think it’s a total babe of a jacket for such a cheap (and cheerful) price. I decided to wrap up this outfit with a simple long sleeved black polo neck top which I think works well with the colours in this outfit. If you are wearing something as statement as the Ruby and Ed Fur Cossack then you need to plan your outfit well, although it does go with pretty much everything – except maybe a matching fur jumper haha.

Has anyone else picked up one of these fur hats for the winter yet?

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Fluffy Knits & Polka Dot Print!


Top | New Look £6
Jeans | Topshop £40
Cardigan | New Look £24.99
Belt | Urban Outfitters (sale)
Shoes | Dr. Martens £100
Bag | Mulberry

Hey guys! Little post today on a recent outfit of mine. I originally purchased this little New look crop top to take on holiday with me back in July for such a bargain price in the sales but since coming back from holiday I haven’t worn it at all. But, I decided to pair it with my Topshop Mom jeans just as a quick outfit and I found it worked quite well. The main reason I haven’t worn this more often is because I hate having my belly on show in crop tops (personal preference, I'm sure most people like it) but I found wearing high waist jeans with this top actually works perfectly for me and only shows a small section of my stomach so it’s not all out on show haha. You can’t really make out the jumper texture too clearly but it is one of the fluffy knit cardigans from New Look which is a must have this winter; trend wise! Everyone is wearing them and they have such cute versions in stores at the moment- Topshop have a cropped knitted jumper with short sleeves which is super cute or Primark have a cheaper version of this cardigan but in a jumper style which I also love and may need to purchase, even though for some reason I'm not really a huge Primark buyer, I think it is just down to things I have purchased previously that turned out to be a rubbish quality but I know that’s probably not the case for everything… but we shall see about this jumper whether or not I purchase it… you’ll probably see it in a post anyway if I do!! Haha. 

You may notice I'm not wearing a bold lipstick in this either, I'm pretty much always wearing a different shade of red, pink or plum lipstick in my posts but behold, I am still actually wearing lipstick, very deceiving I know! It’s a Bobbi Brown one in quite a neutral shade so nothing too dramatic there!

I’ve also started to use my Lookbook a lot more recently for posts, its hard starting out with something again after not using it for a period of time but I'm getting back into it, trying to get to grips with the Lookbook community- it’s a little scary with such amazing Lookbook’ers out there but it is such a good source of information on trends and styles, I just love it! If you are on Lookbook hopefully you’ll have a minute to check out my profile (here) or even share yours below in the comment section! I would love to see!

I'm excited to show you my next post where I will be wearing my brand new Ruby + Ed fur hat! It’s beautiful, keep a look out :)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Black On Black... On Black!

Hey lovelies! As you may have read in my previous post I'm back at Uni now, so I figured why not post an OOTN style post? I love the whole prep for a night out, even though it takes me and my house mates forever to get ready, it’s always fun and if you are a student you’ll know how much fun pre-drinks before any night out can be too! 

Top | ASOS £12
Jeans | TOPSHOP (sale)
Boots | TOPSHOP £40
Belt | H&M £6.99
Lipstick | MAC RUBY WOO

For this particular night you may have already guessed… but I was going for a kind of ‘all black everything’ look, well not entirely intentionally but it happened! I wanted to wear these off black jeans but couldn’t decide on a top to pair it with but luckily my friend was sending this little black number back to ASOS so instead I bought it off of her and wore it for this night out with the jeans. And I must say I am just in total love with this top, I’ve wanted an off the shoulder black long sleeved top for ages now but I just never got round to buying one, but this one is absolutely perfect! I decided to pair this look with my sacred black boots which I admittedly wear too much for blog posts! Haha, sorry!

I love being back at Uni at the minute, and even though I'm now in my scary third year it’s just great being around my friends and living in our new student house, which we actually hated when we first moved in but it has most definitely grown on us and has almost become, cute?! I’m thinking of doing a little bedroomy tour type post if anyone would be interested in that? I usually love looking at peoples bedroom inspirations on Instagram, it’s so much fun! But anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts :)

Also, I’ve recently noticed a lot of you have managed to find me on Bloglovin’ and have followed me… which I am just super, super grateful for! If you are one of those still not aware on my link I will attach it HERE for you! Thank you guys! xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Polka Dot Print Trousers!

It's not very often that I get to wear these trousers! They're pretty standout but in a calm sort of way which means I can never get away with wearing them more than once in any one month period, you know the type of clothing I mean right? 

Jumper | Topshop £29
Trousers | Topshop (old)
Shoes | Topshop £40 
Bag | Zara

Polka dot print trousers!

That said- I do secretly love these trousers! Sometimes I wish I wore them more often but I feel as though I need to be very selective with what I pair them with. I've recently purchased this cute furry knitted jumper from Topshop which I loveeee and I wear probably a little too much but I thought it made these trousers look even cuter (and standout even more! That wasn't the initial plan I promise). I only wore this for a Nando's date with the boyf but I thought it was the perfect outfit for these cold and what feels like the middle of winter evenings! Yes, I've gone and mentioned winter, no matter how much we all want to pretend we can still wear dresses and sunglasses and not be cold, it's definitely true that it's just freezing! It has suddenly jumped to winter and I'm just a little worried about trying to avoid the recent rain for outfit posts, rain and a pretty outfit never goes too well! Haha, well hopefully it holds off.

Has anyone started planning their winter wardrobe yet?

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