Sunday, 30 June 2013

OOTD: This Could be Chanel Inspired!!


Shirt | Topshop (similar here)
Skirt | Topshop
Boots | Schuh
Lipstick | Revlon

Hey lovelies! I have very much been looking forward to posting this outfit post today just because I haven’t done an OOTD post in a few weeks now and I must admit they are my favourite posts :) the main reason is because I’ve been away on holiday, as some of you may have seen from my Twitter. I'm going away again tomorrow with my boyfriend (lucky me) so I won’t be blogging too much over the next two weeks, I think I'm going to schedule two or three posts but nothing too major, but apologies in advance for my lack of posts but I do need a well deserved break from using the internet and technology! Haha, I feel as though I am always glued to my phone, as we probably all are! So yes, I will be internet free for two weeks (apart from the odd couple of minutes to tweet and check emails aha). I'm just so excited to be going away with Ashley, this will be our first holiday together and we’ve been together three years! It will be worth the wait :)

 So about my outfit, I’ve owned this skirt for ages now! I picked this up in a Topshop sale just under a year ago now, I was originally going to buy it with my staff uniform discount but decided to get other things instead, I was so glad of that decision when I noticed it had gone into sales! I paired this with my Schuh boots which I haven’t worn in a while but still love very much. I think I’ve gone for pretty much a Chanel inspired look with the typical black skirt and white blouse. Well I think it’s just easier to call it monochrome these days anyway! Aha! I just love items that make a statement piece when you put them together!


Friday, 28 June 2013

Pauls World! Do You Wear Hair Extensions?

I think it’s great that people who are unhappy with their hair can change certain aspects of it by using hair extensions, whether it’s the length or thickness hair extensions are an amazing way to transform a look! It is quite impressive thinking a few bunches of extensions can develop a person and create a whole new look. Hair extensions are worn nowadays by so many girls who are uncomfortable with the way their hair looks without them or even those who just want that extra addition to length. I always think to myself how much I would love to cut my hair shoulder length so that I can wear short curls but then I know I would instantly regret it, with companies like Pauls Hair World supplying products in a huge range of styles, colours and textures it is easy enough to transform the look of short hair in just a click, so even if I did cut my hair I know I could easily just wear extensions until my length grew back!

When I was younger I always wore extensions to thicken up the look of my hair, but thinking back to the first set I had bought I'm ashamed of them now in comparison to what is on offer these days. With 100% real hair extensions it’s actually quite simple to gain a natural look through hair extensions especially when you are able to style them with heat the way you would your own hair. Pauls Hair World offer gorgeous European hair starting from just under £10, which is pretty cheap considering it is to buy human hair! There is nothing worse than seeing girls wearing extensions coming out everywhere on their heads, I would always advise if you do wear extensions you may as well buy ones that are human hair and that look good! Pauls Hair World extensions are also very easy to attach to your hair yourself in the comfort of your own home and without any hefty salon price tag! I really love the look of thick hair, and if you’re not someone who has a full thick head of hair then why not just fake it?

Has anyone tried wearing hair extensions before or do you even wear them regularly? Have you ever tried to put them in yourself?


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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mania Mia Boutique Giveaway!


Hi lovelies! I’ve been very excited to post this giveaway, I think the belt up for grabs is just so amazing and I have wanted to give something back to my lovely readers for a while. I have recently reached 800 Twitter followers which is just fantastic to me, so what better way to celebrate than host a giveaway for you all!

For this giveaway I have been lucky enouogh to team up with a lovely fashion boutique which is Mania Mia, located in Fulham to offer you this very beautiful Sinequanone Belt worth £48!! Mania Mia offers a variety of fashionable clothing and accessories. I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce this boutique to you than giving away this beautiful brown and green belt.

Named Fulham's best kept secret, Mania Mia has established itself as a haven for the stylish shopper to discover affordable chic women’s contemporary fashion and accessories. The boutique supports independent fashion designers from around the world delivering fashion-forward styles that cannot be found anywhere else in the UK. Much more than a fashion boutique Mania Mia is a destination for everything unique and inspiring regularly hosting designer sample sales, music evenings and art exhibitions. Mania Mia, 307 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4RF

To enter
Just simply fill in the Rafflecopter below

*This giveaway is international!*

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I will be checking that the random selected winner has fulfilled the entries correctly, just to make this giveaway is fair :)

Good luck!!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Found a Gem, Cheap Vintage Dresses!

Pony Print - £60 | Runway Republic | Felt Cut Out Dress - £160

Bird of Prey Dress - £19 (amazing!!) | Runway Republic | Scallop Dress - £25

There’s nothing I love more than finding a unique fashion website that sells plenty of on trend pieces but for a whole lot cheaper than what you’ll find on the high street! Runway Republic do just that, when I was contacted by them I hadn’t heard about the website before hand, however I had a browse though and quickly realised this would be a website where you can find some real gems! When flicking through, I noticed lots of dresses I could easily justify buying, they were really cheap and looked lovely on the website. I also noticed a whole page devoted to stylish cheap vintage dresses, everyone loves a bit of vintage right? Especially nowadays! I’ve included some of my favourite vintage dresses that I saw within minutes of opening the website; I particularly love the yellow pony dress! A bright piece which is just perfect for the summer, the dress could be easily styled, paired with black leather wedges and a contrasting oversized clutch.

Runway Republic offer stylish dresses in all styles including shift, a-line and flowing dresses. The website offer such a variety of colours and shapes, I'm sure there would be something on there for everyone, especially price wise, I’ve seen dresses on there from as little as £15 up to around £200 for that extra special piece. I couldn’t help including this felt cut out dress which is a little higher up the price range at £160 but is just so unique, it looks like something straight from the catwalk! Runway Republic has such beautiful pieces it would be silly not to check them out :) I'm just a little worried that I’ll now get carried away with spending on such reasonably priced clothing, but I'm a fashion blogger… I always have an excuse!

It would be great to know if you purchase anything from Runway Republic, I would LOVE to see your posts on their clothing or any Instagram pictures! I love getting clothing inspirations from other bloggers, I'm also looking for a Christening dress.

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Monday, 24 June 2013

MitoQ - A Little Bottle Of Heaven?


“MitoQ works to enhance and rejuvenate skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, scars, brown spots and skin discoloration, as well as reducing the thinning of the skin that occurs with ageing.”

I've never been one to splurge on expensive skin care and focus on skin regimes. I used to see them as taking precious sleeping time before bed. That is until I started reading beauty blogs and blogging myself, I now have a complete different view of skin care and I love spending the extra 10 minutes morning and night making sure I'm taking full care of my skin to give it its full potential of goodness. 

When I received this little treasure which is MitoQ, I was over the moon and just could not wait to try it out; in fact I started using it the very same night. I wanted to use this for at least three weeks before reviewing it to make sure I get the full benefits from this product, and so that I can obviously give you an honest review. Within days of using MitoQ I found that my skin was so much softer, yet at the same time was also developing to become firmer. I've tried a lot of moisturisers which do the basics of moisturising and which usually make my skin soft for the initial first use but I found with MitoQ my skin felt so fresh and had been at its softest I've ever felt it which lasted throughout the day, even with makeup application the moisturiser in your skin remains. I also felt that my makeup went on more smoothly than normal when applying the cream beforehand.

As you can see the way this moisturiser is presented is just lovely, the bottle looks elegant with simplicity, it hasn’t been created to jump out at you and show off in a way but remains simple and structured with a glow to the bottle which still does stand out from the norm of moisturisers. I think the way this moisturiser is presented shows its level in price, it’s very classy which I think is important for an expensive product. I keep this in my bag when I stay out throughout the week and it still looks perfect now even after weeks of being thrown around in my overnight bags.

+ The touch of my skin has improved completely
+ As soon as I apply MitoQ my skin softens and relaxes, the tightness I usually feel on my face disappears for most of the day to follow
+ This is also an anti-aging cream, recently I began to see a single small line showing up underneath my lower lash line, it’s probably not too noticeable to people but for me it’s something that I'm worrying about (wrinkles at my age?), since I’ve been using MitoQ moisturiser I found that I don’t really notice them at all now, this is definitely something I would consider using in my later years too. Probably like most of you, I would like to prevent any wrinkles for as long as possible!
+ This helped to give me a smoother overall complexion

Con's - (& a bit of a pro)
- Around Christmas time I had a slight breakout of acne type spots on one section of my face which have now scarred. I was really hoping this product would help to clear the acne scars and because everyone’s skin is completely different I can only speak for myself but for me personally using this moisturiser day and night did not disappear the scars totally. However in a better light (and moving into a good point), this is the only moisturiser after trying several different high street brands that helped to reduce my acne scars to at least half the visibility as previously, which I am over the moon about
- Not really a major issue but it’s hard to tell how much you actually have left in the bottle (so you can start saving for the next one)

Holiday Skin?
I thought I would include my experience of using this in the sun! I went away on holiday to Spain last week and took this with me, obviously! I found that my skin felt awful after a day in the sun even when using sun creams, but as soon as I applied this at the end of the day it was such a relief! I felt that any sun damage that could have appeared that day was being soothed and corrected as soon as I applied this, it really was heaven! I would 100% recommend this to treat holiday skin, even though I'm sure that isn’t the sole aim of this product.

How to use?
I use this both morning and night after I have cleansed my face, I apply one pump from the bottle and I find that is just enough to cover my entire face. Any odd days where my skin feels really tired and worn out I tend to apply two pumps (just to treat myself).

The Science Behind the Miracle Cream
MitoQ works by targeting organelles called “mitochondria” within the body’s cells with special antioxidants - substances which help the body to fight cell damage and the effects of ageing. The MitoQ story started over half a century ago with the discovery of CoQ or Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiquinone) by Dr Frederick Crane in 1957. CoQ10 is a co-enzyme, a functional molecule present in every cell in the body. Co-enzymes are like catalysts that help enzymes perform their function effectively. CoQ is a perfectly designed molecule and is one of nature’s ultimate antioxidants. It is present in all cells in high levels when we are young but concentrations reduce steadily as we age. Celebs which include TV presenter Anthea Turner and the girls from Atomic Kitten have sworn by this bottle of heaven (facts from

Has anyone tried out MitoQ yet? If so, what were your results? 
If not, would you consider splurging on skincare?
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