Friday, 16 August 2013

OOTD: Cute Crop Tops!

Crop Top* | Lance Lurveen
‘MOM’ Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | Kurt Geiger
Belt | Vintage
Rings | Various (Forever 21, Pandora, Topshop)

I'm so in love with this little top! I think the design is just so pretty and fits in well with all the white with black print tops that are flying around with the fashion trends at the moment. I love that this one differs from the rest with a floral rose pattern around the Lance Lurveen text print; it’s just such a cute crop top. Lance Lurveen is a brand new London based clothing brand who provide conceptual prints. I decided to pair this top with my new MOM jeans from Topshop, I absolutely love that they are high waist and a dupe of Levi’s jeans, just really more accessible to find- Topshop! I’ve worn these jeans a few times since buying them only a couple of weeks ago but I think wearing them with a crop tee suits the style of them down to a tee- see what I did there :)

I was so happy to receive this little top from Lance Lurveen, now I have more clothes to wear to my magazine internship next week too! I love that the weather is still suitable for this outfit as well, my summer wardrobe has extended more than ever this year which is unusual for me, I'm usually still in jumpers haha. I love this little outfit, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this top floating around on there too.

Does anyone else own any Lance Lurveen products? I’d love a link to your blog post!

You can find Lance Lurveen products here on their Facebook page; you could always give them a like too :)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

An Enchanted Forest!

Shirt | Charity Shop £3
Belt | Vintage £10
Necklace | New Look
Shoes | Dr. Martens
Sunglasses | George at ASDA £3.50

Yesterday I went along to a little day out with some of my family to Groomsbridge Place, in Kent. I didn’t expect it to be so pretty so I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived to find there was an enchanted forest and lots of other things to see and do. We started our trip with a boat ride along the river and ended up in the middle of the enchanted forest, sometimes I just love being outside in the middle of nature, it can be so pretty! My family and I love to make the most of any fun opportunities we have, they’re all a little mad haha so we are in the middle of the forest and a game of ‘tag your it’ starts and I just had the most fun running around with us all acting as if we were 10 again, of course we did have my 12 year old sister, my 13 year old nephew and my 1 year old niece was with us so I think the game was erm acceptable. After a highly amusing half an hour of chasing each other around various wooden obstacles and hiding in manmade wooden dens we decided to carry on our stroll through the forest, following the map as we went. 

Next came the giant swings! They hung on the highest hills we could have possibly climbed (with a buggy) and were so high and slightly scary, but being us… my older sister and I (yes big kids) decided we would have a go together... the swings go quite fast with two adults on them and you can’t stop yourself, you need someone at the end to stop the swing whilst you jump off, of course that wasn’t the plan for the rest of the family, we weren’t allowed off because it was so amusing with us screaming for them to stop swinging us… but I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed as much. I just couldn’t hold on with laughter and I ended up laughing so much I was crying. Such a funny moment! We all had such a lovely day at the enchanted forest and I would definitely recommend it for a nice family or couple day out, I would definitely advise to take a picnic though, the cafĂ© prices in my opinion were overpriced for what you get; a can of coke was £1.50, enough said! They have some lovely little picnic areas scattered around too.

I decided to add in some outfit snaps from the day too! I picked up this throw on shirt from a charity shop for just £3, such a bargain. I literally wear it with everything now haha. I love finding bargain pieces from charity shops, I just wish I had more time to go to them more often.

Monday, 12 August 2013

NSPA, a Little Beauty Ritual!

 nspa products* | prices ranging from £2.95 each.

Hey guys! A little while ago I received this absolutely lovely bloggers bag made up of face and skin care goodies from NSPA beauty. I was so chuffed to receive this and couldn’t wait to start trying out the products. I’ve mainly used the facial products rather than the all over body care as I take foreverrrr in the shower anyway so I’d hate to make the process of showering even longer. So I’ve been using this little three step routine for a good few weeks now, if at all I receive any beauty products I just have to use them for a period of time to get their full potential out of them… there’s just no point in using a skin care product a few times and then summing it up, that wouldn’t work for me. So here is how I found using the Nspa products.

Firstly I have to say, I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but they definitely deserve a lot more credit than they get as they easily match up to the well known- more expensive skin care brands which are out there. I began using the three step facial products daily to find a quick development in the way my skin looked and felt. The set came with a Melting Cleansing Gel, Hot Cloth Polish and an Illuminating Beauty Serum,  to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin delicately. My face became slightly firmer after a couple weeks of daily use and I noticed my overall skin tone developing with a slight reduction to my pores. Marvellous!

I absolutely loved this little bag of products, Nspa beauty products are in simple tubes but I think the simplicity of the products packaging is what makes it look appealing. The colours are pale with contrasting pale coloured numbers on each tube to represent each facial step; the pale blue bag was just so pretty too!

+ My skin felt amazingly soft from first use
+ The three step application is soothing to use and is such a rewarding process
+ The third step can be worn either under or over makeup for a daily lift
+ I noticed a reduction in my pore visibility
+ The price is a definite pro!
+ I loved that you can massage the cleansing gel into dry skin

- Like other products I have tried recently it didn’t really show any positive effect to the small but annoying section of slight acne I have at the moment or even to the acne scars, I'm yet to find a product that works for me in this area.

I also tried out step 3 of the body care set; the Jojoba and White Jasmine Body Lotion which felt amazing to use and left my skin feeling soft for hours, I’ve recently come back from holiday and its maintaining my dry patches of tan well, my skin usually flakes quickly but at the moment its kept well.

Have you tried any of these beauty rituals yet?
If not, you can purchase NSPA products from ASDA! Very convenient, Iknow!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

How to Style Nightwear!


Dress (Nighty) | Topshop £25
Necklace* | £6.40
Shoes | Dr. Martens
Socks | Topshop
Lipstick | MAC Ruby Woo

Hey sweets! Today’s outfit post is a little different… not your average outfit. This dress is actually from the pyjama section in Topshop, yep it’s a nighty! I think it’s so pretty though so I decided to wear it as a daytime dress instead, with the right accessories I think it works! I decided to roll up the sleeves to make it look less pyjama like and pair it with this beautiful statement necklace from Efoxcity. I love the colours in this necklace; the orange is just so vibrant and pretty! The price of this necklace is super cheap and this little statement piece goes with so many outfits, I love it!

Of course I toughened this look up a little with some gold glitter socks and my cherry red DM’s. This dress is also quite easy to transition to an evening outfit which I done for a dinner date with the boyf and to wear to my friends garden party, I’ll try get a post up to show you what I paired this with for the evening. When I wore this outfit I wasn’t planning on telling people it’s actually a pyjama dress but my boyfriend decided he would tell people I was out in my nighty, haha! It worked out quite well as my friends were pretty amazed that this was actually a nighty, so I think I possibly got away with it!

Next time you’re out shopping make sure you have a peak in the pyjama section- it’s so much cheaper!

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