Monday, 27 May 2013

The Perfect Marble Print Dress!

Dress | Bill + Mar*
Shoes | Kurt Geiger

Firstly, just how perfect is this dress!! When I first saw this dress in Bill + Mar’s twitter picture, I absolutely fell in love with it. I absolutely just love this print; it’s perfect for the summer and even better for the festival season. The marble print is something that stands out in the Bill + Mar Spring/Summer 2013 collection and is used on midi skirts, crop tops, jackets and jumpers, genius right? The new collection has been available to preview online for a while now but has just become available to buy online also, the only problem is… it’s hard to resist spending your every last penny on a whole new Bill + Mar wardrobe! 

I wanted to keep the styling simple for this piece; I mean the print is enough to wear alone, so I paired it with my Kurt Geiger flatforms and a pair of glitter socks and ta-da! For all you made in Chelsea fans that have desperately been trying to hunt down this dress as seen on Rosie Fortescue I hope I’ve helped :) I know how annoying it can be seeing an amazing dress on a celeb and not knowing where it is from!

I was so happy when I received this Bill + Mar pleione marble print maxi dress because I was hoping the quality of it will match the price of the dress and it certainly did! It is a little pricey but if you want something that’s different with a quirky edge from what you’ll find in all the high street stores and that is of a good quality then you’ll love this website. The quality definitely matches the price, the material is so soft and has a slight silk feel to it. The fabrics really light and airy and would be perfect for the summer or to wear abroad, I'll be taking this on holiday with me this summer to wear in the evening. You can also find some lovely, quirky and much cheaper pieces in the Bill + Mar sale, it’s definitely worth having a look!

Has anyone else purchased anything from here and can’t resist wanting to get more?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Intern Diaries! Part 2!

Jumper | NEXT (childs)
Leggings (wet look) | Topshop
Bag | Mulberry
Shoes | Dr Marten
Socks | Topshop
Nails | Barry M

I thought for my second intern post I would include my personal interview tips and from personal experience ways to successful get a placement. Before I started interning I really enjoyed reading blog posts on internships, I think they can be a good insight into what people get up to as an intern and how to successfully get a placement. Also, if you are nervous about starting an internship they can even give you the push you need to apply for internships.

How I got my internship:

As part of my third and final year of university that I will be starting this September we had the option to complete a project or take part in a work placement, for me a work placement was definitely what I would prefer to do. So I adjusted my CV and created a cover letter and started to look online at various online intern websites, I found that searching @ukfashionintern on Twitter was brilliant for finding intern vacancies and with a variety of fashion job roles advertised there was always internships that suited me, the only thing is I found many of them were to start within a couple of weeks, whereas I was looking to start in May, but applied in February. This is obviously brilliant for people who want to intern lots over the summer. I went onto the Creative Opportunities website and applied for various styling placements by email sending them over my CV and a personal cover letter designed to suit the company I was applying for, I think it’s important to adjust your cover letter to that specific company. I was then invited along for an interview with the company I am interning with now, which means I done something right in the interview to successful get my internship there? I find that when you are applying for internships if you are asked to come along for an interview on a specific date but you can’t do that date (were not all available everyday!), then the company just doesn’t get back to you! It’s really annoying but I guess some may have hundreds of applicants! For me I couldn’t so a specific date because I had a university deadline, but I explained via email and asked to arrange a different date but then never heard back from that company again after that, it really can be frustrating.

Interview tips:

When going along to an interview I think you should always take along a copy of your CV and possibly your cover letter, you may have already sent this to the company but chances are they would have only read this once when you first applied. Taking your CV along is a good starting point for interview conversation as your interviewer will be able to go through your CV with you picking out topics, for example if you have interned before that could be a good topic to talk through. I also think a good topic can be your personal blog (if you do blog) some people like to include this, some people don’t, I think it is just down to personal preference but I think if you’re applying for a fashion internship having a personal fashion/style/beauty blog can really make you stand out from other applicants and again is a good conversational topic- possibly something to consider.

Finally this could be pretty obvious, but I think the key is to be confident in interviews, research the company before you go along for your interview; you need to know what it is you have applied for. When you first meet your interviewer stand up to greet them, introduce yourself and shake hands, this proves your confidence and is better than just sitting down and saying hello. I’d also advise for you to prepare a question you could ask in your interview, most of the time they’ll ask you if you have any questions; so even if it’s something like, what will my intern role involve (it’s always good to find out what you’ll be doing) it sounds like you are interested and is probably better than saying you don’t have any questions- unless of course you actually don’t! I think you’ll know how an interview has gone once it’s over but while you are there just try to make a good impression and show your willingness to intern at that company. Good luck applying and interning if you are hoping to do so!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013



 MAC PREP + PRIME- £19.50

I wanted to write a quick review on this MAC primer. I must admit this was the first and only ever primer I have purchased and used. I bought it around August time last year and I wasn’t really educated in the primer section of makeup, I had only recently heard of using a primer a few months before hand from reading blogs and didn’t really know how important it was.

I didn’t really intend to buy a primer when heading into MAC, also for the first time last year but I was convinced I needed something to help my makeup apply better and that would keep it in place all day. I must say I feel I was a little tricked into buying this after telling the lady at MAC I didn’t want anything on that involved a shimmer and when I was in the shop having my ‘makeover’ I didn’t notice any shimmer on my face UNTIL… (dun dun dun) I got the bottle home and the bottle was covered in glitter! I almost cried after spending £19.50 on this and was praying it wasn’t shimmery, I felt so naive purchasing it.

Anyway it was too late; I had already brought it home! I did consider eBaying it but never got round to it so I thought I may as well just start using it. I must say the only thing I dislike about the product is the shimmer- it’s definitely not for me so I wouldn’t be rushing out to purchase this again. The thing I do like about this MAC PREP + PRIME is that I have oily combination skin and I have found that it dramatically helped my makeup from sliding across my face in the daytime and takes away a lot of oiliness on the skin. It doesn’t last all day however, if I apply it in the morning I find it will last until early evening then I need a good touch up! 

This primer bottle is a 30ML and it has lasted me foreverrrrr, I purchased this last August, I use a small amount to cover my face every day and I'm still using the very same bottle today (that’s 9 months!!). I would say if you don’t mind a touch of shimmer then this MAC product could quite possibly be for you, but if, like me you have a pet hate for shine and shimmer I would avoid… my foundation does hide most of the shimmer but I just can’t stand having it on my face at all. 

Can anyone recommend a good primer, shimmer free, of courseee and that is perfect for oily combination skin? Would greatly appreciate :)

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Intern Diaries!

I started interning for an e-commerce company last week who are involved in photographing and styling products for some very well known brands such as Ben Sherman, New Look, Matalan and Harrods (to name a few). Last week was a bank holiday so I started on the Tuesday and I was very excited to get stuck in. I’ve interned once before at a PR Company and I had an amazing experience there, I'm not sure any other internship will match how great that one was but I hope any internship I do is similar! The company I'm interning with at the moment is very different to my last internship, they have lots of people working for them including stylists, photographers, retouchers, models… the list goes on… whereas my last internship there were three ladies I was working with so it was much more personal and I learnt so much.

Anyway, on Tuesday I basically felt like I had been chucked head first in the deep end, I was given no direction on what to do at the start of the day and wasn’t even sure who to speak to about anything. Another intern had to ‘show me the ropes’ in a sense. To find a task to do, I basically had to walk round the extremely big studio and ask all the stylists and photographers if they needed any help with anything, I hadn’t been introduced to any of them and I was a little nervous at this stage, I was wondering around aimlessly. I was then given the task of steaming for a stylist which is what you can expect to do as an intern. After finishing steaming and soon realising there was no more tasks for me to get on with, I actually didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, how do you make yourself look keen to intern when you don’t know anyone and no one has anything for you to do? For the rest of the day I managed to find a few tasks to get on with and I went home at the end of the day feeling pretty shitty and I wanted to have a little cry but I thought, no I will stick at this, it can only get better, right?

Well one week on, and on more of a positive note, I'm glad I didn’t run for the hills. Once I had been there for a few days people started to recognise me more and once you’ve helped out a stylist once they know they can trust you to do things correctly and they’re more likely to let you help them out on the next shoot. I’ve only been there a week and a couple of days and I’ve learnt a pretty good amount, I’ve assisted on body model shoots, a little awkward I must say when the male models are stripping off in front of you… I literally didn’t know where the hell to look!! I’ve also helped with styling shoes, accessories and clothing for mannequin shots, there are some lovely girls there who always let me help out on their shoot and I'm learning lots from them so far. My time there has got a whole lot better since I started last week, I think once you know that you have to ask around for tasks it’s not so scary and you just get on with it! I'm looking forward to learning more at the moment and will be doing weekly blog post for my intern diaries for the next 4 weeks! (I promise next week I won’t talk so much, I get carried away when I'm typing).

I thought I would finish the post with what I wore for my first day! It’s always scary knowing what to wear on your first day of anything; you need to dress appropriate to the workplace because you can’t mirror other people’s image until you’ve been there.


Top | Topshop
Trousers | H&M £5 (sale)
Jacket | Primark £12 (sale)
Boots | Topshop £45

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