Thursday, 27 February 2014

London Fashion Week Outfit #1


Coat | NEXT 
 Jumper | Zara £7.99 (sale)
Wrap Skirt | Topshop £18 (sale)
Choker | Regal Rose £12
iPhone Case* | Iconemesis £15

This was the first of my London fashion week outfits; I decided to go for a simple look but added shaping with this leather Topshop wrap skirt. I paired this skirt with my loose fitting Zara jumper which I managed to pick up for just under ten pounds in the Zara sale. Bargain! Of course, I also added these beautiful chunky black boots from the White Pepper to complete this look. There is nothing I love more than a chunky statement shoe!

I decided to use my Iconemesis iPhone case during London fashion week too! I absolutely love this print- and most of the phone case prints on the website in fact. The design is so simple but is just what I want from an iPhone case! This is definitely my favourite case I've had for my Iphone so far; and I've had many since I've owned this phone for over 2 years! The only small issue I had with this case is that I clumsily dropped my phone and the bottom corner square of the case broke completely off, which was a little disappointing but I'm just glad it protected my phone!

Check out Iconemesis for a new design of phone case, designs are very suited to fashionistas who are always on their phones!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

London Fashion Week 2014 Street Style!


Some of the styles and designs I spotted at London Fashion Week were just incredible with such powerful potential. The day consisted of a lot of street style, from both taking the pictures and having my picture taken (smiling proudly). It is just amazing the types of styles you can spot at London Fashion Week, if you were a tourist that just happened to stroll into Somerset House during this fashionable week, you would most definitely feel as though you have walked into some kind of crazy, colourful, but wonderful world of extreme fashion.

As I said in my previous post I managed to meet some lovely new designers throughout the day and I can't wait to get all my ideas into an editorial shoot! 

Here are some of my favourite snaps from the day!

Monday, 24 February 2014

London Fashion Week Day 4 - Street Style!

Day four of London Fashion Week involved lots of street style! I was looking for all kinds of inspiration for upcoming photo shoots for the seventh edition of Third Floor Publication. The team and I went along to Somerset House to capture street style, which will later develop into our concept boards. These were some of my favourite street style images taken on the day.

We were also sourcing clothing and accessories to feature in our shoots. The designer showrooms were amazing, full of beautiful designs and bursting with inspirational garments. I picked up lots of business cards, so I will most definitely be busy this coming week with emailing PR’s!

The Third Floor blog is back up and running this year with our first post all about London Fashion Week street style; you can find my street style images over on the Third Floor blog here.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

London Fashion Week!

Saturday was day one of London fashion week for me! I kicked it off with the Xiao Li show, which admittedly was the show I was most excited for, after last season’s extreme knitwear I knew I had to see this show! Xiao Li is definitely an exceptionally talented new designer who I just love. The show was just perfection with a strong reflection of pastel blues and deep blue leathers, fishnet detailing and oversized panelling! The models owned the catwalk with their washed through dull pink hair and matching pink eyes to complement the colour of the collection. The show ended with the lights dimmed for the final model to showcase a neon blue light detailing on the final look – design at its best!

After the first show I went along to the ZEYNEP KARTAL show, which was just as brilliant. The shows proved a totally different design direction with the Kartal show boasting heavily glittered and embellished pieces. I particularly loved the sequinned bodies, showing animal print inspiration. The collection took a bridal/gown silhouette shaping throughout with a strong sense of sheer sectioning. The colour direction for this collection included white, greys, golds, reds and silvers.

I always love the whole atmosphere surrounding London Fashion Week. The shows and the experience are what make a career in fashion all the more worth it! 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine’s Day for Singletons; it doesn't have to be that bad!


Each year I see a handful of people unhappy about the approach of Valentine's Day, so here are a few ideas to chase away those fears of spending Valentine's Day home alone if you are single on the world's biggest day of love! 

It’s Not All about the Lovebirds: Single’s Appreciation Day 

Celebrated to coincide with the festival of lurve – Valentine’s Day – Single’s Appreciation Day provides an excuse for those who aren’t in a relationship to let their hair down and enjoy being single. While some may choose to avoid the day altogether and wallow in self-pity at the idea of their single status, others will be more than happy to get the girls together for a night out to remember and why shouldn’t you? Why should lovebirds hog the limelight on Valentine’s weekend? 

Traditionally, singles gather together to either celebrate, or commiserate, their singledom and to celebrate life regardless of their relationship status. If you are stuck for something to do around Valentine’s and you know a few ladies who are in a similar situation, why not get everyone together for a night on the town? Show the Valentine’s Day crooners that you don’t have to be loved up to have fun on the 14th

It’s a busy time for restaurants across the country, as couples take over the reservation books, but that doesn’t mean that a swanky meal with your friends is out of the question. Larger tables may still be available so pick your fave restaurant and give them a call! Not only may you be able to book a table in an otherwise packed-out restaurant, but you’ll also be able to benefit from a special menu that will tickle your tastebuds. Order some bottles of wine, or a cheeky cocktail or two, and spend the evening having a wonderful time with your girlfriends. 

Alternatively, why not paint the town red? Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, which is the perfect day for heading out for a night on the tiles. Spice up the night a little, with some women’s fancy dress, and get the girls on board for a night of fun and debauchery. With plenty of women’s fancy dress from George at ASDA, you could easily pick a theme to suit your personalities, to inject a little more fun into the proceedings. 

Of course, you don’t have to dress up in silly costumes to have a good time. Instead, you could pull out that little black dress that you haven’t worn in a while. Slip on those killer heels that you haven’t had an opportunity to wear, style your hair and wear your favourite lippy, just in case anyone fancies puckering up! 

Alternatively, you could say goodbye to the club nights altogether and opt for a daytime shindig instead. Perhaps afternoon tea at a local tearoom would be ideal, or a spa day full of pampering and luxury for you and the girls to enjoy. You can find some great deals at urban and rural spa retreats, so you don’t have to worry too much about your pursestrings. In fact, you could end up spending less on a day of pampering than you would on a night fuelled by cocktails and G&T’s! 

The choice is all yours, but you may as well take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy some much-needed time with the girls!

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