Monday, 25 February 2013

#LFW Design and Style!

Pandemonia at London Fashion Week 

Hey lovelies! Following on from my recent post on interning at London Fashion Week (here) I decided to put together a few images I’d taken throughout the day of street style and designs that were showcased around Somerset house. I met some lovely girls that I spent most of my time at LFW with, some also being bloggers, which is always nice.

I took this sneaky picture of the Made in Chelsea stars as they walked passed us, we also spotted Millie on the day too but I didn’t want to get too camera happy haha.

As you can imagine there were some amazingggggg outfits being broadcast throughout the day, many of which I didn’t get snaps of, I think it was purely because people are hassled all day with cameras in every direction so I didn’t want to really bother people too much, as my intention of being there wasn’t to take pictures but just to intern really :) even though I'm sure a lot of the people at LFW dress to impress (and to get ‘papped’), obviously!

On my way out I also saw the quite surreal Pandemonia, this was the first time I had seen such an outfit so you could say surprised was the least of my thoughts. Pandemonia’s outfits are just such a creation, it’s just magnificent the way they are created! I will also be doing one more post on LFW, with a few images from the Bora Aksu show within the next week so look out for this :) Take care!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

#LFW intern experience!

Coat | NEXT
Blouse | Vintage
Skirt | Miss Selfridge
Boots | Topshop
Bag | Zara
Necklace | Forever 21

(I also had an interview after my day at LFW so had to dress to suit both occasions, oh and we had to wear black on our bottom halves as we were given a black Bora Aksu oversized t-shirt to wear on the day)

Hey ladies! If any of you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my excited tweet about interning at London Fashion Week! I was extremely lucky to have the chance of interning for the Bora Aksu show on Friday 15th, yes the OPENING day of Fashion Week! I was so excited but also very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. When I got there I was soon to realise I wasn’t on my own, phew! I was hoping there would be other interns there and I was pleasantly surprised when about 10-15 other girls and boys showed up also interning!

How I got to intern at LFW?

Well, I just happened to be browsing through twitter and noticed a re-tweet about wanted interns for the Bora Aksu show, so I thought I would take my chances and I emailed Antony, who works for Bora and had sent the tweet. To my surprise I received an email back a few days later saying my day’s internship was confirmed for Bora Aksu and Antony had sent me all the details! Easy as pie really, who’d have thought it would be so straight forward!?

What the day involved?

If I'm honest, interning here was so rewarding! My morning consisted of moving one box about 10 metres away from where it was, having glimpses of the hair and makeup artists transform the models into the most perfect creations with their hair sleeked back and some with face jewels and masked covering their heads and faces. Then I got to watch the run through where it was super busy but whilst doing so a few of us had to fill each row of benches with some Bora information, including his press release for the collection. Then finally I was allocated Block A, where I would check tickets of those who needed help finding their seats and direct them… and that was all!

I was then able to watch the whole show and could photographs on my phone! Although, I was disappointed with how my images turned out; the background light for the catwalk was so bright the models faces were lost and pretty much all other details (I will be posting some tomorrow).

However, even though my photos didn’t quite turn out how I wished the experience was amazing! I mean I got to watch the Bora Aksu show at London Fashion Week, free of charge and at front row level… and also managed to bag myself a goody bag which was gifted to front row VIP’s… yes amazing right!? Luckily there were a good few spare so me and two other of the girls were able to take one… fantastic end to a great experience. I would definitely intern here again and the Bora Aksu show was just incredible.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

150 Follower Giveaway!


Hey everyone! This is my first ever blog giveaway to celebrate Pretty Delicate Layers reaching a great 150 followers! I'm super excited to be giving back a little something to all of my very loyal and lovely readers. This is more of a thank you to everyone for subscribing to my blog and to say thanks to those who take the time to leave such positive comments and those who do follow me; it really is all appreciated so much.

So, here is your chance of winning this lovely beauty bundle! The winner will receive the following:

1 X MAC superglass brillant a levres
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The giveaway will be open until 20th March and the winner will be announced shortly after via twitter or via email- please comment on this post with your information.

I would like to ask for you to only enter if you are genuinely interested in my blog content and actually do wish to follow me after rather than those who just enter regular competitions and then un-follow afterwards, I really do appreciate real genuine followers.

This giveaway is open to UK residents only (I wanted to keep it simple as it’s my first giveaway, sorry)!

Please do not cheat; I will be checking to ensure the winner deserves the prize and actually completed entries to make this fair.

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Thank you all and GOOD LUCK!
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