Friday, 7 December 2012

DIY: A Little Black Dress

I’ve had this black Topshop dress in my wardrobe for way over a year now! I picked it up purely because it was in the sale for something ridiculously cheap (I think about £10). I haven’t ever worn it, just because when it’s on I feel like it’s really nothing special and it’s really boring and black and when worn with black tights (which is basically a must with this dress) they make it look even more boring! So, time to re-invent this boring old black dress! 

I’ve had these little studs left over from previous DIY’s I’ve done and thought I would put them to good use, I wanted to go for more of a neat collar design as some I’ve seen that are scattered all over the place don’t really appeal to me as much. The only part of this dress I could really add studs to was the collar to jazz it up a little. First off, I plotted where the line of 3 studs would go and began to push in the studs and used scissors to close them down tight at the back of the collar. I continued to lay them out line by line as precise as I could row after row and 21 studs later… the first collar was done! It didn’t really take too long and I found it quite soothing just sitting there putting studs onto a dress, maybe that’s weird! I love finding little things that allows me to be creative though! The next part is making sure the opposite collar is even, it’s a guessing game really but it isn’t too difficult to work out… another 21 studs later, and the dress was complete, ta-dah!

I decided to wear this with a thin knitted jumper chucked over the top because the shaping of the dress at the top isn’t too flattering, there’s a weird line separating the top section but not on the waist line, it’s just under the chest, not flattering at all for me! So, this jumper hides that well, and breaks up a full black outfit! 

Coat- Topshop £48 | Dress- Topshop (sale) £10 | Tights- Topshop (old) | Shoes- Urban Outfitters £55 | Knitted Jumper- Topshop £24 | Bag- Mulberry | Nail Varnish- Barry M (294) £2.99 | Ring- Topshop



  1. Love this with the jumper!

  2. love your blue nails

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  3. woah your studding is amazing! i'm always studding my own clothes but it never turns out like that, looks absolutely fab and i love the way you've styled it! great blog!
    ps i also agree^ love the nail varnish!!

    katie x x x x

    1. Thank you :) I'm suprised mine turned out like this haha


  4. Hi Stacey,
    You have a great style. I scrolled down and was instantly drawn to the nail varnish so I was so happy to see it up close. I'm a beauty editor so I'm always drawn to the detail :) Great piercing too :) I'd be afraid to get it done in case it got caught in my clothes :) I'm all about DIY, makes things more personal and that collar turned out really well and tops off the whole look. Well done you.


    1. Hey! Aw thank you so much :) Yeh, the nail varnish is defo really bright but I do love it! :) Oo I hardly ever catch my piercing which is good, but it is scary having it at first haha. Thank you for the comment xxx

  5. Wow, this outfit is gorgeous! I absolutely love the studded collar! Just stumbled across your blog btw and I love it :) New follower! xxx


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