Friday, 28 June 2013

Pauls World! Do You Wear Hair Extensions?

I think it’s great that people who are unhappy with their hair can change certain aspects of it by using hair extensions, whether it’s the length or thickness hair extensions are an amazing way to transform a look! It is quite impressive thinking a few bunches of extensions can develop a person and create a whole new look. Hair extensions are worn nowadays by so many girls who are uncomfortable with the way their hair looks without them or even those who just want that extra addition to length. I always think to myself how much I would love to cut my hair shoulder length so that I can wear short curls but then I know I would instantly regret it, with companies like Pauls Hair World supplying products in a huge range of styles, colours and textures it is easy enough to transform the look of short hair in just a click, so even if I did cut my hair I know I could easily just wear extensions until my length grew back!

When I was younger I always wore extensions to thicken up the look of my hair, but thinking back to the first set I had bought I'm ashamed of them now in comparison to what is on offer these days. With 100% real hair extensions it’s actually quite simple to gain a natural look through hair extensions especially when you are able to style them with heat the way you would your own hair. Pauls Hair World offer gorgeous European hair starting from just under £10, which is pretty cheap considering it is to buy human hair! There is nothing worse than seeing girls wearing extensions coming out everywhere on their heads, I would always advise if you do wear extensions you may as well buy ones that are human hair and that look good! Pauls Hair World extensions are also very easy to attach to your hair yourself in the comfort of your own home and without any hefty salon price tag! I really love the look of thick hair, and if you’re not someone who has a full thick head of hair then why not just fake it?

Has anyone tried wearing hair extensions before or do you even wear them regularly? Have you ever tried to put them in yourself?


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  1. I wear mine almost every day but I like to give myself a day or two off so my hair doesnt get too worn out & thin :)

  2. i put my own ones in and they last about 3 months- using the micro ring method so it doesnt damage my hair:) It used to cost 200 pounds a time at a (cheap) hairdressers, and to do it myself costs just 30- the same as a haircut really!

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