Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Magazine Internship Diaries!!

Hey lovelies, for the two (and a bit) weeks I have been interning with InStyle magazine and as everyone seemed to enjoy my last internship posts I thought I'd carry them on throughout my current internship- I got a lot of positive feedback from my last posts which was amazing, I love that some of you like reading what I write, it makes it all the more worth it! 

Ok, so, I know on my last intern post I started by saying I was pretty much thrown in at the deep end, well when I look back that was nothing compared to now! I could easily go back to steaming for a lot of the day then helping out on shoot but then I guess that wouldn't be a challenge, I definitely feel as though I'm challenging myself with this internship, it's very intense to say the least! But it’s all so worth it! I think it's where I've gone straight into a monthly glossy mag from a PR internship and Ecommerce internship and you're expected to know the basics, and more, whereas I know nothing on how magazines work! For all of you wanting to intern, I would probably say get yourself a smaller/weekly magazine internship before diving into a high fashion mag! 

The first week for me had it's ups and downs. I wish I could say days, but the quieter few hours we got were the best ones, it's still really busy in the quieter hours but the days where everything is manic are just super busy I don't know whether to cry or just pull myself together and get on with it, which is what I've been opting for haha.

Last week was most definitely a challenge for me, two of the more experienced interns who had been there for my first week had come to the end of their month’s internship and have now left which meant it was just going to be me and a new intern, and I was of course expected to teach the new intern everything! So it’s far to say, I was actually crapping myself!! Haha, but that week has now come to an end and I feel confident in being there now, I think where I knew I had kind of be ‘the one in control’ and know what I was doing it made me just get on with it and I managed to successfully get through the week and even better we managed to get through tons of returns, answer all emails and the fashion cupboard is now looking spectacular in comparison to how it had looked previously, marvellous! Haha!

At the moment I love being there, its tough most days with lots to do and I feel my stress levels building up sometimes haha, but I’m just so, so grateful for the experience of interning at Instyle, I was so lucky to get this opportunity! It has also helped to open my eyes up to the magazine world and how it works. I'm hoping to eventually go into magazine styling so this internship really is perfect for me at the moment; I'm just really hoping I can keep up with the pace! Fingers crossed!! 

Also, how beautiful is my view of London on my lunch break! A-mazingggg right?


  1. I am SO jealous, this is such an amazing oppertunity. Good luck!

  2. It's always full of ups and downs at internships isn't it! A great experience though

    Isabella (@isabellamaria88)


  3. Sounds intense but also an amazing experience! How much longer are you there for? I really wish I did more internships throughout uni and you've done so many already! You're going to go far lovely :) xxx

  4. Internships are such a great experience!



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