Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Styling for Third Floor Publication


This is another sneak peek into one of the photo shoots I have styled for Third Floor publication. The concept looks at de-extinction and the process of reviving de-extinct species. I looked at this in the form of human revival. This would be an interesting insight into the future, imaging if it was possible to revive something that had previously died out. So, in this case scientists and professionals are researching ways to revive species like the woolly mammoth.

I was so pleased with this shoot and wanted to create an icy feel to the editorial, showing a story through the process of this scientific development. The model was perfect for the shoot and really portrayed the story well, with excellent bone structure and distinctive features. The final outcome of this shoot will be seen in an editorial piece within Third Floor publication, which goes into print next week! I’m so excited to show you the entire finished piece. Keep your eyes peeled for information on where this will be stocked over the coming weeks.

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