Thursday, 31 January 2013

50 facts about me!

So, I’ve seen a lot of posts on 50 random facts recently, soooooo I decided to jump on the band wagon and make a list of 50 random facts about me. At first I didn’t really know where to start but then when I got into it and reached 50 it was hard to stop, which actually quite surprised me. But, it is quite hard just sitting there thinking of things about yourself!

I decided to do this post because I personally found that once I started watching videos and reading posts I really enjoyed finding out more about everyone… well, being nosy! It was nice to see through the person behind the blog, if that makes sense? I thought it could be quite nice to share some facts about me as I haven’t ever done anything like this before and I never really tell people too much either. So here goes...

  1. I'm scared of the dark
  2. My dad ran over my foot when I was younger because I had decided to get out of the car before we were parked!
  3. I absolutely love eating out
  4. I have weird/scary dreams quite a lot
  5. I can be quite stubborn sometimes
  6. I HATE spending money on cabs
  7. I'm currently in my longest and happiest relationship with my boyfriend Ashley (almost 3 years)
  8. I'm one of eight children
  9. Cadbury flake yogurts and pic ‘n' mix sweets are my absolute favourite things everrrrrrr
  10. My favourite dinner is a beef stew (with dumplings)
  11. If I was to get pregnant I’d be more worried at what my sisters would have to say than my mum
  12. I currently have 7 nephews and only one niece (& 2 more babies on the way)
  13. My family are majorly important to me; I hate not seeing my niece or nephews for a long period
  14. I never tell people my middle name, ever!
  15. My feet click every single time that I walk without shoes on (it annoys everyone)
  16. When I was 16 I broke one of my toes playing ‘blind man’s bluff’ / ‘murder in the dark’
  17. I find trusting people difficult
  18. I have an OCD issue with touching public doors and anything in toilets
  19. I get tonsillitis about 3 times a year and have already had it this year!
  20. If I won the lottery I would buy all my family members houses but they’d all be on the same street
  21. I can’t swim
  22. I once smoked when I was 11 and was caught by my older sisters and have never touched a cigarette since (lesson learnt)
  23. I always have cold hands and really cold feet
  24. I wanted to be a lawyer from a very young age but turned to fashion at 17
  25. I believe love is the key to a happy life
  26. I'm determined to go travelling after university
  27. I don’t want to have children until I'm over 25
  28. I’ve never ever dyed my hair
  29. I’d love to go to Paris or Venice (just to cruise along the canals) with my boyfriend
  30. When I was little I chose not to speak for years, I would just point to things
  31. I'm the first member of my (massive) family to go to university- applause myself!
  32. I hate it when people are moody around me
  33. My favourite films are The Notebook and Big Daddy
  34. I sometimes get a habit cough (it once lasted about a month and its majorly annoying). I think I’ve discovered that nerves can trigger this off sometimes, but I literally make myself cough like once every minute when it’s happening
  35. My favourite two items are my mulberry bag and Aqua Master watch (both of which my boyfriend bought for me)
  36. I love pie and mash with the liquor
  37. Cute days out make me extremely happy
  38. I am the owner of an annual pass to the sea life centre in Southend ( the joys of being an auntie)
  39. When I was younger I used to fake my eye tests just so I could wear glasses (but it never worked!)
  40. I love sitting in bed with a cup of tea and biscuits
  41. My boyfriend said to me I can be quite negative (great!) so this year I'm trying really hard to be positive about everything!
  42. When I was about 14 I would cry over everything, the slightest disagreement or if someone would shout at me I would burst into tears (I think I'm only just getting over this haha)
  43. At the age of about 9, my friend, my sister and myself prank called my (primary school) ex-boyfriends house so much we got into trouble by the police, oops!
  44. I'm rubbish at geography, people always quiz me because its ‘so funny’
  45. I have the worst memory ever! This never helps me with disagreements where I want to be right!
  46. I’ll never eat all of the meat on my plate and I always have to leave the last bit of a burger but I don’t know why I do it
  47. There’s one dream I’ve always remembered since I was younger and was of a purple which coming from the ground trying to capture my sister, brother and myself
  48. I love my granddad more than anything but hardly get to see him, he means the world to me
  49. I made my little sister believe we were both going into Big Brother when she was only about 8 (she told everyone and was excited for weeks)
  50. I'm literally late for EVERYTHING!
I hope you all enjoyed finding out a little more about me, even if most of these were really random, haha. I'd love to read more of these, I think it's a great idea... so if anyone has blogged their 50 facts leave a comment with your blog link below :)
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  1. as if you fake your eye tests too! i did this al the time! and of course it never worked either haha! wow you have such a big family :) ox

  2. Haha no never worked, I'm so glad it didn't other wise now my eyes would be so bad from wearing unnecessary glasses! Haha, oo I know my house is hectic at Christmas xx


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