Sunday, 27 January 2013

It’s a Celebration!

Hey lovelies! The past two weeks has been hectic (as per) for me but I’ve finally managed to sit down a put a post together! I'm excited to blog because I’ve just got so much to talk about and so many posts to write up. I had my 21st birthday on the 16th January and was having birthday celebrations over that week so it has all been very fun and exciting, but my birthday week ended with a very self pitiful hangover and then I was ill for the following week leading from that, maybe a week long hangover? Haha, no I was really ill and in bed for about 4 days! I couldn’t even put a blog post together (again, feeling sorry for myself!) anyway, I'm much better now and have finally gone back to uni for the upcoming term, which means I will have plenty more time and a much better routine for blogging!

I can’t believe I'm 21! As they say, time really does fly! I had an amazing birthday and was so grateful for everyone who celebrated it with me and made my day/week really special! I received some lovely presents and really was very spoilt this year. Now I'm just sad it’s over!

To start off my birthday I unwrapped some lovely gifts, I'm so excited about everything I received, I'm definitely not meaning to brag about what I got its just I’ve wanted some of these things for ages (and I'm just so happy with them all) and feel very lucky, my very lovely boyfriend surprised me with way too many presents including a Pandora ring, Daniel Wellington watch and a lovely pair of Dr. Marten shoes in cherry red (amazing) but my favourite gift from him was the 21 flake yogurts he had bought me! Anyone who knows me know I absolutely love flake yogurts and eat way too many of them, he was really cute and wrapped up 21 of them for my 21st in a little mini mouse bag :) so sweet of him! I also received lovely little bits from the rest of my family, another really pretty watch from Next, a fur stole, a bowler hat, cupcakes, makeup, a Pandora charm, balloons, sleep rollers, a spa day and money :) I was so grateful for everything I had received; everyone went to such an effort for me! 

I enjoyed my birthday morning with my mum, sister, brother, niece and boyfriend for some birthday pancakes in Frankie & Bennies for breakfast. It’s the first time I’ve eaten there for breakfast as I’d usually only go for dinner but it really was lovely in there! I then spent the day with some of the family and then got dressed up in the evening to go for dinner and cocktails at Las Iguanas restaurant with my crazy family and boyf, a few cocktails later and everyone was very merry! Then came the birthday cake and I had the whole restaurant singing ‘happy birthday’- always an extremely embarrassing moment I'm sure many would agree? But when the cake reached me I was sooooo stunned by the amazing cake my mum had ordered me! My family definitely know me too well, getting me and Mulberry bag style birthday cake filled with Mr. Simms pic ‘n’ mix sweets, my absolute fave! If there was an award for best birthday cake I'm sure this would win, I was literally so shocked at how brilliant it was and so, so grateful! The restaurant really was fantastic and the food was excellent, they catered well for all 14 of us and I couldn’t have asked for a better evening!

On the Saturday following my birthday my lovely older sisters had surprised me with a spa day at The Hilton Hotel, London! It was amazing to all spend the day together being pampered and enjoying champagne and cupcakes! I had never been to a spa before so really didn’t know what to expect, but was so excited! They were a bit short staffed when we arrived which made everything a bit unorganised but we still made the most of our day out and I was treated to a facial (which was amazing!) and a pedicure (however, not quite a pedicure). The whole day was really lovely and we all enjoyed the use of a steam room and sauna too! I then rushed home to get ready for my birthday celebrations with friends, another fantastic night, well what I can remember of it! 
When Jamie from Made in Chelsea decided to join our table in the club!

Party time!

The best birthday cake ever!! The detail was amazing!

Lots of lovely gifts!

Dinner & Cocktails!
 Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday and those who made my day amazingly special!!
I'll be doing outfit posts from these few days too :)

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