Thursday, 7 February 2013

Valentine's Gift Ideas!

Hi everyone! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and for all those who, like me, leave everything until the last minute, I have put together some gift ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day! They’re all pretty much items you can access easy with time to still shop online before the 14th. I think these items are all really cute little things and can be for him or her so I’ve added quite a variety. I hope this gives all of you in relationship (or even those who are just buying for family, friends) a rough idea of items you could buy as a little way of showing someone you love them. 

1. I love you chocolate bar | £1.50 Thorntons
2. Massive jar of pick n mix sweets | £22.42
3. Cute vintage style photo frame | £10 Paperchase
4. Home delivered bouquet of red roses | £22 (+ £3.99delivery) NEXT
5. Pretty Tea Pot | £8 Paperchase
6. Memento box | Kelly’s cards
7. Butterfly cup cake | £1.50 for 2 Asda
8. ‘A bucket of love’ card | £1.50 kelly’s cards
9. Personalised wine bottle | £19.99
10. Little sweet heart| £2.47
11. Him & Hers egg cups | £5 ASDA
12. Heart shaped glass | £1 ASDA


  1. sweets and flowers are always a winner :0

  2. Hi :) I nominated yo for a Liebster award -

    S xx

  3. the cupcake is so cute, and i'd love to get the giant jar of pic'n'mix! ox

    1. The jar of pic n mix would be my ultimate fav!! I would be in heaven haha xx


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