Friday, 15 February 2013

Affordable fashion!

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  1. Yellow cable knit | £11.99
  2. Black velvet leggings | £7.99
  3. Brown polo neck crop | £4.99
  4. Red polo neck long sleeved | £6.95
  5. Sky print leggings | £6.99
  6. Peter pan necklace | £5.99
  7. Velvet skater skirt | £13.99
  8. Leather leggings | £10.99
  9. Silver spiked necklace | £5.99
  10. Tie-dye print midi dress | £10.99
  11. Gold statement necklace | £5.99
Up until recently I had never heard of Karma Clothing before, so when I received the lovely dress in my previous post I was over the moon and ended up searching the website for more savvy buys. I couldn’t believe how much they have to offer at such ridiculously low prices, if I didn’t already have an item from them I wouldn’t have believed it myself that you could get such quality items for so cheap. Here’s just a selection of the styles available at Karma Clothing. With prices like this you really can shop for less and be on trend too. At the moment polo crop tops are very popular and the two above are most definitely the cheapest I’ve seen for what they are, I mean £4.99, you can hardly go wrong with such a bargain price, even if you were to wear it once it would be worth the money! As well as incredibly low prices they also offer student discount, bargain right!?

I also really love this yellow cable knit, its perfect for the spring months where there’s still a breeze around and so ideal for late summer nights too, just as a chuck over jumper. Karma Clothing offer a great price for accessories too, when I saw these little beauties I couldn’t resist putting them on the wish list. The thing I liked most about the website is that they have so many designs of the same style, so this midi dress for example, it literally comes in like 20 other patterns and colours, from spots to stripes! They offer enough variety for everyone. I have to say not everything on their website is my cup of tea but I think that’s pretty much the same for everywhere, it’s just a matter of looking :) I will definitely be making a few purchases from here!

Does anyone else own any Karma Clothing products and find them value for money? If you have, I’d love for you to comment with your links to your posts featuring the item, it’s always good to see how things look on a person rather than mannequin!


  1. I love how karma clothing do some on trend pieces for a great price!

    Charlie xx

    Blog: LurchHoundLoves Fashion & Beauty Blog

    Facebook Page: LurchHoundLoves Fashion & Beauty

    Twitter: @CharlotteLewis_

    Instagram: Lewis26

  2. LOVE the dress and yellow jumper! I find websites similar to Karma very difficult to navigate, but there are some beautiful cheap pieces if you hunt!

    Laura xx
    (Giveaway on my blog!)

    1. Yeh me too, I found that once you search through there are some lovely bits xx

  3. I've never heard of this website argh!!
    Love the midi dress and the gold necklace :)
    May have to check it out hmmmm...

    1. I hadn't until recently either, yes defo give it a try, so worth it :) xx


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