Monday, 1 July 2013

Pretty Little Cupcakes!

“Magnificent Moulds Shaping Your Creation”

The one thing I always wish I could do more of is bake! Once I get into it I do really love baking and finding cute little cake decorations. I feel as though this post could fit quite nicely to the posts I have planned for when I'm home from holiday (as I'm currently away in Egypt). I will be doing a few recipe posts for cakes and deserts, which I'm very excited about! MakeBake is the perfect website to get pretty little accessories to create unique designs for your cakes. There’s nothing better than having pretty little cupcakes that look different from the rest, I love going along to blogging events where they have lovely little cakes around. MakeBake have everything you could possibly need for baking, from cupcake boxes and stands to meringue powder!

Something I haven’t really seen before is the option to create your very own cake moulds, which allows you to make wonderful cupcake toppers. These could obviously be perfect for any occasion and you can design to your heart’s content with the silicone moulds! I just love the idea of being able to create a cake in the way you want to with any design you could possibly think of. I can’t wait to start making more cakes and post some creative recipes!

Has anyone else been baking lately? I would love to see what you’ve been making; send over your post links :)

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