Thursday, 6 February 2014

Exciting New Project with Third Floor Publication!


Today is a post about a very exciting project I'm working on at university. Every year a select number of students propose ideas and are then selected to work on Third Floor Publication; a fashion magazine created by students of Southampton Solent, but targeted toward industry professionals. These can include magazine editors, stylists, journalists and designers (the list goes on). It's basically a really fantastic opportunity for the students that are selected. After submitting my proposal to work on the magazine I was lucky enough to be selected to work as fashion stylist on the magazine!

As you can imagine, I'm super excited about this and cannot wait to get stuck in to styling some shoots! I have decided I will be creating regular blog posts with updates to where we are as a team with the magazine and ‘behind the scenes’ type posts for the shoots I style... It's all very exciting! 

Last year’s issue was sold in London in such places as Somerset house and was a fantastic issue, so the team and I are definitely hoping to do one better this year (pressure!). The publication is produced annually and will be launched in May (hopefully with an event to go with the launch). I'll keep you all updated with that!

At the moment I'm sourcing clothing for a few shoot ideas I have coming up and have so far been using social networking to look for new designers who want to get their name out there! So, if any of you are that person, or know any emerging designers who's collection doesn't deserve to go unnoticed then point them in my direction! 

My next task is to attend London Fashion Week as stylist and meet with the new designers there, in the showrooms- super excited for this!!

If anyone is around over London fashion week it would be great to see some of your faces :)


  1. Wow what an amazing opportunity for you!
    Great your embracing it and grabbing with both hands.. I wish I could go to LFW.
    I'm in London during the week at college so may pop over if I feel confident enough.


  2. This sounds like such an amazing opportunity! Just followed you on bloglovin' <3

    Ellen xx


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