Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It's all VINTAGE!

Southamptons Guild Hall

On Saturday Southampton had the very great pleasure of welcoming The Vintage Fair A/W 2012 to the town! There's never really too much excitement going on in Southampton, there's a good shopping centre and lots of clubs and bars to go for nights out (student central) but apart from that in the day time and on weekends there's never too much to get excited about... But this weekend we got to experience the vintage fair! It was held in Southampton's Guild Hall and hosted a busy environment filled with around 40-50 little stalls selling all things vintage from shoes, to cutlery and cake stands! It was all extremely cute. I love going to places like that where the atmosphere is laid back and everyone's inspired by different eras and you also see some amazing people! Many of the stall owners were very much Vintage inspired, as I could see by the way they were dressed (this was definitely expected though) It was great to watch them wondering about. The amount of items at the fair was amazing, there was literally so much to look through and everything varied so much! Including 1920’s flapper dresses, 50’s tea dresses and some 90’s vintage grunge (plus loads more from every era!) They had some very lovely hand knitted picnic blankets on some stalls and little picnic boxes, I love little cute things like this and was tempted to just buy one of the blankets (not suitable for this freezing cold weather, I may add!)


For the love of accessories!

Loved this Sailor hat I found! Had to model this, obviously :)

Broche anyone?

I picked up a few cute pieces like this head scarf and belt, I loved the belts they had on one stall (E-vintage http://www.e-vintage.co.uk/index.php) and they were only £12 each or 2 for £20! I could have bought several but had to limit myself; my friend and I got one each so they worked out at £10 each- total bargain... We were very happy about this! I also came across one stall with a massive trunk and a sign saying everything in there is £5… of course I had a rummage through, I managed to pick up this cute top with precise detailing for only £5, I think it will look lovely tucked into a little skater skirt with a pair of boots or worn with a pair of fitted trousers! There were many stalls with such nice clothing and little accessories! One stall had a little suit cases full of pretty little scarves but when I saw this one I loved the print and had to have it- for only £3 too! 


£10 Vintage belt!

There was lots going on at the fair, the stalls were all laid out around the edge and half through the centre then the rest of the space was filled with round tables to indulge in some vintage tea and really pretty cupcakes!  It was all very vintage feel! And altogether a really nice day out, I also felt happy with the bargains I managed to get! Can’t wait for the next Vintage Fair to come back around! 


I wore, Denim Top- Topshop// Skirt- H&M// Shoes- Converse// Earrings- Topshop


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  1. Lovely photos , love your outfit xx

  2. I love this outfit, I seem to spend way too much time lately in denim shirt/black skirt combinations yet still get excited by them?
    Your blog is lovely too :) I'm just starting out too, it's so intimidating ha!

    Elise x


    1. Ah thank you! I saw that you followed me :) Thanks, will follow you back :) ... It is so hard starting out and I agree, there's so many good bloggers that it can feel a bit intimidating! Hopefully it will be ok haha xx

  3. Love your blog! Will def follow! :) I'm also a new blogger!

    1. Thanks for the follow- just followed you back :) Very nice blog, It's so hard starting out! xx


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