Monday, 19 November 2012


1. This coat is from Topshop, and I really do love this! The contrasting leather sleeve effect has got to be one of my favourite designs this winter; it is so effective and can make the simplest outfit look detailed! With this coat you also have contrasting leather pockets- extra bonus for sure! The oversized pockets match the oversized look well for this coat. I love that it’s made from wool and the two colours look amazing. This is definitely a must have buy for the winter, this is one of them coats where you’ll feel all snug even in the coldest of weathers! I also really adore the neckline of this piece, and the simply zip from neck to hem of the coat really adds effect, less is always more!

2. If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll possibly know I love the look of collars, and this winter I really like the fur collars that are seen around everywhere! However, I’ve never really been too excited about these in previous years when they’ve been on trend… most years, it’s always repeated! But this year I’ve seen some really nice faux fur collars and I’ve noticed loads of girls wearing them and making them look really nice with a simple coat! This is definitely something I will be buying in the winter weeks to come.

3. Even though cross earrings are ‘so last season’ they’re really not! I still really love them, and I also like the newest bigger sized crosses, seen above! They’re really cute. I wear my cross earrings basically every day, mine are the smaller version of these but I really enjoy adding them to an outfit!

4. These high waist skinny’s are perfect for a casual or more dressed up outfit, they’d look perfect with some creepers and a tucked in knitted jumper for the daytime or with an off the shoulder top and a pair of platforms for an evening outfit! I'm also glad their high waist as I absolutely loveeeee high waist trousers at the moment!!

5. This Romwe knitted jumper is extremely cute! This would look perfect over a black dress with some patterned tights, or worn over the Topshop skirt (6) with a pair of boot heels.

6. This skirt is sooooo pretty!! It is similar to the recent sheer maxi skirts that have been in stores with the longer back, but I’d say this one is so much nicer than them, it looks elegant and stylish. The skirt is a tad pricey but it could be a really good investment!

7. This Zara bag may need to go on my Christmas list! It’s amazing! I'm not sure the picture does the bag much justice, but there are a few more (better) images on the link to the website. But seriously, the price for this bag is also very much amazing!!! This is my favourite on the wish list, the price having a major influence on how much I love it.

8. These wood sandals are really beautiful! The divide between the wood and leather and the thick leather straps adds a nice detail and gives a good effect to the design. I’ve really liked chunky heels for a while now and these ones are just adorable!

9. So, I know this necklace is quite pricey, and I think it would take a lot for me to actually purchase this, but I still thought I would add this in for those who do like to spend a lot on statement pieces. The colours on this piece really make the necklace even nicer and the size of the chain piece also adds an edge to the jewellery creating a beautiful piece.

10. The thing that made this blouse stand out to me was the colour, it’s a really subtle but cute shade or light blue and when I noticed this on the H&M website it looked amazingly pretty on the model too! Such a good buy.

Hope you all liked these pieces as much as I did! 

Love Stacey 


  1. I'm really loving the leather sleeve trend at the moment aswell! I'm trying not to buy one purely for my bank balances sake! But I have a feeling I might be swayed soon! haha :)

    Love the H&M blouse aswell! Such a pretty colour :)

    Aimée Xx

    1. That's exactly the same as me! But it is soooo hard not to spend! I'm doing well lately though haha


  2. I love the H&M collar, I have it in brown already :)

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  3. Love the fur collar!


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