Friday, 9 November 2012

The Little Black Jacket- Revisited

One jacket, shown in over 100 different ways.
One jacket, shown on over 100 different personalities.

Hey everyone! I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks now but just haven’t got round to it… better late than never right? I do warn, this is a bit of a long post- but I just have sooo much to talk about! I was home from Uni a couple of weekends ago now and decided what better way to spend my weekend that going to ‘The Little Black Jacket- Chanel's classic revisited’ exhibit at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London.  The project started out as a coffee table book and consists of 113 images, all shot by Karl Lagerfeld himself, they consist of images of celebrities and fashionistas (from Kirsten Dunst to Alexa Chung). Whether you’re someone who is interested in fashion or not, every ones knows of Chanel’s classic, little black dress and one of Coco Chanel’s greatest legacies, the little black jacket.

The above images are of; model Georgia May Jagger, singer Kanye West, actress Kirsten Dunst and model Daphne Groeneveld.

As expected the exhibition was carefully presented in a chic and beautiful way, and effortlessly brilliant. From the 113 images everyone single shot includes The Little Black Jacket- it shows a timeless, classic piece of fashion styled in so many different ways, worn by so many different people from the conventional models we would expect to see wearing the garment, which is the norm, to DJs and rap artists like Kanye West wearing the jacket. I was pretty shocked when I noticed the portrait of him within the exhibition, but anything goes with Karl Lagerfeld and every piece to this picture was carefully selected in the finest way.

The effortlessly legendary French fashion designer’s statement iconic garment has, since 1954, become to create a history in all women’s wardrobes. The piece has become one of a females most treasured item, a piece ladies desire. Karl Lagerfeld, along with former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, has created a vision of excellence. Every photograph in the exhibition includes the same black jacket, however there is not one image similar to the last, every portrait is completely different and unique from the previous- this I just found incredible. I love looking at how people style fashion and ways fashion can be styled, but looking at the styling in this exhibition is just one of the best I’ve seen, how they’ve kept every image involving this classic, elegant and oh so simple piece but still creating such a diversity within the images is just literally incredible, Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld have used a range of friends of the Chanel Fashion House, and portrayed every individuals personality through the capture of the images. From styling Alexa Chung in denim hot pants a giant bow to styling model Georgia May Jagger with the sex appeal look wearing just a bra under the jacket and her hands in chains bearing quite a section of flesh. Every image is clearly created with excellence.

One of the label's youngest catwalk stars, Hudson Kroenig

 The above images are of; Model and drummer Alice Dellal and Daphne Guinness

The above images are of; TV presenter/model Alexa Chung and actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg


I'm so glad I chose to visit home the weekend this exhibition was on, it was definitely worth visiting and made a really nice day out. It was so easy to get carried away in there and I could have stayed there for a good part of the entire day! However I had my nephews 13th birthday party/outing to attend to so had to clock watch most of the morning, although I was there for a good two hours, so I felt like I did spend a good amount of time looking at everything! I also managed to grab two free posters from the exhibition, one of model Georgia May Jagger and the other of actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey; I was really excited about my posters after! I love going to exhibitions and art galleries, I feel like they really open your eyes to creativity and they’re set up as such a peaceful and calm environment that you get lost in the art! Has anyone else been to this exhibition or read about it anywhere? 

My free posters from the exhibit

I wore | Shirt- Urban Outfitters | Disco pants- River Island | Shoes- Urban Outfitters | Jacket- Topshop



  1. Great pictures! Love your outfit!
    Follow you back dear! Good luck with everything!)

  2. looks like an incredible exhibition! love your outfit + blog as well :)

    ellie x

    1. Thank you!!! :D It was so much fun there, I love exhibitions- I'm such a geek haha



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